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Pain Relief Oil- back pain - Nefertiti

Back Pain and The Best 4 Oils For Natural Treatment

Pain relief oil Black Seed Oil Rucola Seed Oil Sesame oil Back pain the widespread disease One of our so-called common diseases is back pain (lower back pain) (the common

Nefertiti Planet getting healthy

Balance of Nature

The bright side of COVID-19, and how this scary virus has unintentionally been beneficial to humanity and our planet!! The situation nowadays Lockdowns, medical shortages and social distancing have become

Nefertiti Black Seed Oil Properties and benefits

Black Seed Benefits

Black seed History & Properties Black Seed (Black Cumin) (Nigella sativa) (Family Ranunculaceae) is a widely used medicinal plant throughout the world. Seeds and oil have a long history of

How can we protect ourselves in this difficult time?

The media have clarified the most important measures that we should take to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Basic protective measures against the new COVID-19 2-Maintain a social distance

Boost Your Immune System with Natural Black Seed Oil!

In the age of chemical industrial products, the natural means finally has become the first to come up to our minds, once we hear words like bacteria or virus. Strengthen

What is the definition of natural oils (plant oils)?

The importance of natural oils has increased with our health awareness. Natural oils are used in naturopathy, such as in the kitchen, and for the production of cosmetics.   What

Healthy nervous system with natural oils

 If we reflect on today's stressful course of everyday life and focus on the nature that surrounds us, we also notice again what we have so far perceived in the

Natural Oils for general health care

By educating known nutritionists, we now know that there are different natural oils that are essential for maintaining and promoting our health. The quality of oils depends on the production

Shea butter — must have for every woman

With media education, we hope that our environmental awareness has improved. This includes, we also stop using chemical products for our personal care. Why natural cosmetics? Many negative environmental influences

Natural mosquito’s repellent with oils. Best recipes

Summer time: mosquito time Due to globalization and the heat development of our planet, we are getting more and more problems with an annoying insect, the mosquito. There are many

Sleep disorders? 5 essential oils, that will help you to sleep like a baby

Are you also one of the persons suffering from sleep disorders? Sleep disorders usually do not stop by themselves, but the problem of "becoming independent" develops. This means that our

Massage with essential oils. What you should know about

Exhausted? A massage is appropriate! Why we usually choose a massage has one reason: tensions that are associated with unpleasant pain. Most people do not know that tension pain not

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