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Tips for Going Blonde This Summer Without Ruining Your Hair

 Summer is finally here and many people like to take this opportunity to lighten up their hair and give themselves sun-kissed locks, whilst others like to take it to the extreme and bleach their hair blonde. This is a step which shouldn’t be taken lightly. The process of bleaching the hair is extremely difficult to […]


Spotlight on Lotus Oil

LOTUS OIL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION       The lotus plant is native to Asia, Persia, North Africa and Oceania, although it is now cultivated in water gardens all over the world. The plant is considered sacred in many cultures. An integral part of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, its unique blooming pattern saw it become the symbol of the […]


Top Tips For Strong Summer Nails

As temperatures rise, most people acknowledge the possibility of sun damage to their hair and skin, and often look at either enhancing or amending their usual beauty regime to ensure some added protection. But what about the nails? Often overlooked, they too require extra attention in the summer months to prevent them from becoming brittle […]

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Guide to Nature’s Bounty

Since man first walked the earth, he relied on Nature to provide health and beauty care. Traditional remedies, now known as “folk law” were passed through the generations. Yet many of these ancient remedies have stood the test of time and are still in use today. They are the backbone of Chinese and Ayurveda folk […]


Benefits of facial steaming for enhanced summer skincare

Steaming is an excellent way to take your skincare regime up a notch for the summer. Although facial steaming would be a welcome addition to a beauty regime at any time, it is particularly beneficial during the summer months. Warmer weather means that the pores are generally more open, and thus have an increased likelihood […]


Get your glow on this summer

Summer will soon be upon us. We all dream of achieving that healthy summer glow, but the reality is often something very different, and instead we experience clogged pores, sensitised, burnt, or aged skin, and a host of other skin woes.  However a little extra care can help us shine this summer. Healthy skin is […]


Forget Toxins: Natural Insect Repellents Work

It won’t be long before spring transcends into summer. What can be better than being outdoors in the warm days and evenings, enjoying time with friends and family, maybe having a picnic or BBQ. Perhaps you’re already enjoying warmer spring weather. But there’s a menace lurking to destroy these happy times, and not just one […]



So, this year you actually stuck to your New Year’s resolution to lose weight. You’ve diligently followed your diet, upped your exercise regime, and yet summer is fast approaching and those extra pounds just aren’t budging quick enough, or you’ve hit deadlock and nothing more is moving. Dieting and exercise is all very well, and […]



So we’ve finally waved goodbye to winter, and welcomed spring with a big happy smile, just to find that those smiling lips are starting to feel just a little bit uncomfortable, as they become somewhat dry and tight. After the extremities of winter, we would have hoped that spring would be kind to our lips, […]


Polish your look with natural exfoliators

Spring is officially here, and subsequently more skin is being exposed as hemlines and sleeves get shorter. There’s just one small problem. The skin that’s about to be revealed probably hasn’t seen the sun for some time, and is more than likely dull and pasty looking, and altogether just totally unappealing.  The body naturally flakes […]

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