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Black seed oil
                          300 ml  

Jojoba Oil                                  200 ml

Helba (Fenugreek) Oil          200 ml 

Rucola seed Oil ( Arugula ) 200 ml

Sesame Oil 125 ml



Black seed Oil + Jojoba Oil + Fenugreek Oil + Rucola Oil + Sesame  Oil (25% OFF)

Black seed oil (300 ml) –

helps the immune system and one of the good oils to fight colds and dry cough in Winter and more!

Jojoba oil (200 ml) –

Contains many biological and mineral substances, which are necessary for beautiful well-groomed skin and hair.

Fenugreek Oil  (200 ml) –

Natural aloe Vera Lotion is proved as the best natural skin moisturizer and effective anti-allergic remedy for various skin conditions, including burns, sunburn, acne, psoriasis and eczema. 

Rucola seed Oil (Arugula) 200ml –

Helps to decrease the hair loss, For men, it is good for erectile function, Promotes weight loss.

Sesame Oil (125 ml) – 

Preventing Cavities, Strengthen Bones, Reduce Blood Pressure, Increase Heart Health, Lowering Cholesterol.

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