Narcissus Oil


The Narcissus (Narcissus poeticus L) of which there are about 20 different varieties, has its origin in the Mediterranean and Central Europe. The fragrance of daffodil is actually earthy, but as a perfume, it exudes a pleasant soft smell.

Botanical name: Narcissus poeticus L.

Synonym: daffodil, narcissus, daffodil

Fragrance: Springy fresh, frumpy

Plant parts: flowers

Ingredients: Narcissidine, lycorine, galanthamine, pluviin

Quality: 100% essential oil


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Narcissus oil as remedy

Narcissus oil has aphrodisiac, soothing, antispasmodic and sleep-inducing effects. The regular application of a few drops on the pillow ensures a relaxed sleep. Because of its intensity, should follow the dosage.

Narcissus oil in aromatherapy

The scent that is diffused by aroma lamp or a diffuser helps with soothing the mind and is even help with hysteria or epilepsy.

Narcissus oil in perfumery

Narcissus oil is mainly used in the perfume industry for the production of floral perfumes.

Narcissus oil in manual therapy

Narcissus oil is often used because of its relaxing and soothing abilities. For manual therapists, this oil is used to treat muscle tension as an adjunct to their base massage oils.

Narcissus oil in the cosmetics industry

Narcissus oil is increasingly being used in the production of creams and ointments because of its ability to reduce existing scars and protect it from neoplasm. Regular use by gently rubbing, smooths the skin. It is therefore also considered as anti-aging oil.

Ingredients of the essential Narcissus oil

Narcissidine, lycorine, galanthamine, pluviin.

Application and effect

The effect of Narcissus oil helps in several areas. It serves through its relaxing effect as an excellent oil in massage therapy. Narcissus oil is used in creams for scars treatment, as it has an excellent properties in reducing scars.


Using Narcissus oil in the aroma lamp, the scent of Narcissus oil provides for relaxation and well-being. Only a few drops are enough.


Narcissus Perfume has a soft spring-like fragrance.

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