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Cold Defender

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Blackseed Oil
    200 ml

Lemongrass Oil  60 ml   

Sandal Oil             200 ml

Pain Oil                 125 ml

Almond Oil          125 ml



Winter is coming – Defence it Naturally

Black seed oil – helps immune system and one of good oils to fight colds and dry cough in Winter

Lemongrass oil – as essential oil for sinusitis problems that come with cold infections to reduce them naturally, copes with depression and stimulates activity in Winter

Pain oil – immediate rheumatism pain relieve effect in Winter time

Almond Oil – is one of the best solution for dry face skin and good oil for skin moisturizer

Sandalwood oil – Warming body massage

2 reviews for Cold Defender

  1. properties1

    The Best Essential Oils For Colds And Relieving The Flu. I highly recommend Lemon Grass and Pain Oils. They were playing key role in my back recovery. Right now I have order second set for my grandmother from Kazahstan Astana and enjoying downed price. Really worth buying

  2. tetiana soror

    Этот набор просто мое спасение. Я каждую зимнюю пору мучаюсь как не с простудой, так с обветреной кожей. И наконец-то нашла решение всех проблем вместе. Не знаю, как ребята из Египта узнали о суровых русских зимах – но человеческое Вам спасибо за такой ценный продукт!

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