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why choose Natural cosmetics

Why should you choose natural cosmetics

Our skin is our biggest sense organ with about 2 square meters and millions of nerve cells. At the same time its our largest respiratory organ. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to it. Many cosmetics contain chemical substances that have extremely harmful effects on skin as they pass through it into the bloodstream.

This realization is the first step towards a healthy care of our skin with natural herbal cosmetics from Egypt.

Already in the old Egypt was known of the effect of natural cosmetics. From the old murals in the tombs of Thebes / Luxor can be derived the early history of natural cosmetics with using natural herbs. In the grave goods of Queen Hatshepsut found a cosmetics potty, which is kept unopened until today. Natural cosmetics had not only an aesthetic purpose, but was also used as a organic remedy for various skin diseases. Thus, lilies oil and myrrh oil were popular essential oils in ancient times.

In an old papyrus is already mentioned a remedy called “Hemait”, which was made from the essences of fruits and was known for the removal of blemishes, inflammations and skin spots.

Thus, the Egyptians still use their many years of knowledge and the excellent conditions of their climate to grow the necessary plants and produce excellent natural cosmetic products.

Nefertiti, with its own growing area and manufacturing facility in Fayum / Egypt, has always used the knowledge of cultivating plants without chemical additives, to produce pure natural cosmetic products. The natural products produced by Nefertiti, such as oils and herbs, are under constant control and retain their natural active ingredients through a particularly gentle manufacturing process.

For example:

Nefertiti Aloe Vera Lotion: for sunburn, insect bites and general skin care

Nefertiti Hazelnut oil: For skin and hair care, contains lots of vitamins and proteins

Nefertiti Grape Seed Oil: For skin care, acne, and Anti-age effect

Nefertiti Almond Oil: For care of sensitive skin, hair and massage

By using these products, you naturally nourish and care of your skin and hair, as well protect them from harmful environmental influences.

Now we know that beautiful skin and hair must be cared for from the inside and out. Nefertiti lettuce oil with its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as Nefertiti wheat germ oil with its high vitamin content and ability to strengthen the immune system, are suitable here.

Since our skin is also referred to as a “reflection of the soul”, various Nefertiti teas are suitable as support in the “world of natural cosmetics”.

Nefertiti Lemongrass Tea: invigorates, stimulates blood circulation, has an antimicrobial effect

Nefertiti Moringa Tea: contains a variety of vitamins, provides energy and has an antidepressant effect

With its products,  Nefertiti offers the basis for the care with the help of natural cosmetics, as well as ready remedies like Shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera lotion. No preservatives are needed, as the plants provide protection against rancidity with their own tanning agent.

Avoid using chemical cosmetics to protect your health, choose from the wide range of Nefertiti natural products to create your own personal touch of natural beauty products. Our oils contain the substances that have always been the most important components of a good natural cosmetics. They contain vitamins, protein building materials and plant hormones which stimulate the collagen formation and maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Check Nefertiti catalog for the individual advantages of our products .

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