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At the present time more and more people prefer natural cosmetics without animal testing and chemical additives.

Nefertiti offers you many types of natural, organic cosmetics, as well as the possibility of using Nefertiti’s natural oils to create your own blends.

Examples of best natural cosmetics with Nefertiti products:

  • Nefertiti Shea Butter moisturizes the skin as an organic cosmetic product and provides protection against environmental influences.
  • Nefertiti Aloe Vera Lotion, with its high skin care and healing property, is one of the most popular natural cosmetic products. The amino acids that are present in most of oils support the collagen formation of the skin and provide an excellent anti-aging effect.
  • Nefertiti Argan Oil provides, among other things, the necessary vitamins for the skin.
  • With the Anti-Wrinkle Oil Nefertiti helps women to have smooth and supple skin naturally.

In manual therapy, the effects of natural oils have long been known. The therapists use the mixture of natural oils for their applications. In addition to the massage effect, it helps the skin to receive natural care effect.

Nefertiti also offers natural cosmetics for men. Men, who suffer from light hair and hair loss, should use a coconut oil or hair care products with coconut oil supplements. Of course, this also applies to hair loss for women.

Where to buy natural cosmetics?

Nefertiti is a bio cosmetics manufacturer, which is making own products in eco-farm in Fayoum. Constant production monitoring and no use of any pesticides provides the success! Nefertiti products have biocosmetics certificates after completing Bio Cosmetics Eco Tests. Buy our organic cosmetics products in our stores or online. Let us convince you with low price for 100% quality products. Give your body the best eco-cosmetics products from Nefertiti. Another tip! Nefertiti organic cosmetics is a perfect gift idea!