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Aroma oils are very light oils. Therefore, they evaporate quickly. They are not water-soluble, but alcohol-soluble. That’s why particularly suitable for perfumery and aromatherapy.

Properties of aroma oils

Aroma oils have soothing properties. Their fragrance affects our central nervous system. It can help us to defeat stress, headaches and pain. Aroma oils are also used for calming, relaxation, insomnia. Here lavender oil is considered one of the favorites.  And  also for colds (peppermint oil).

Uses of aroma oils

To use aroma oils for aromatherapy is a great way to relax after working week and avoid stress situations. This type of herbal medicine is applicable in massage, baths, saunas, room scenting, inhalation, as oral therapy. One of the popular types of aromatherapy is the use of a diffuser (for example with the diffuser Air Wick Rossmann) or of an aroma lamp. Above all, aromatherapy is an effective way for the treatment of infections based on bacteria, viruses or fungi. In natural medicine aromatherapy has long been an integral part.

Aromatherapy oils for physiotherapy are an effective therapeutic tool.

Aromatic oils for skin care are often used as an additive to traditional skin care products, either as a fragrance to baths  or to skin creams and  lotions.

Where to buy aroma oils?

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