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Natural herbs have high importance in healing therapy since thousands of years. Egypt is famous as the country with the longest experience in the use of herbs. One of the oldest writings in medicine was found in Ancient Egypt. Its typical Egyptian papyrus with around 700 applications of various herbs and their effects.

Natural herbs and their properties

  • Natural herbs for depression: lavender, valerian, green tea.
  • Natural herbs for cough: fenugreek, frankincense, chamomile.
  • Natural herbs for headaches: eucalyptus and peppermint.
  • Natural herbs for skin problems: aloe vera is used to relieve burns, ulcers, allergies and skin diseases.
  • Natural herbs for slimming: parsley, watercress, mint.

Natural herbs can be also used for baths, saunas and other types of wellness.

Natural herbal teas

Many herbs find their use in the dried state for the production of teas.
Such as black tea, green tea, peppermint tea. The preparation of tea is a simple method to use the active ingredients of natural herbs. Enjoy amazing taste of  Nefertiti teas and pay attention to your health at the same time!

Where to buy natural herbs, teas and spices from Egypt?

Nefertiti offers natural herbs from Egypt, as well as teas, and spices. All products are made under constant quality control to receive the best results.
Nefertiti has its own growing areas and factories in the Fayoum area.
The year-round good climate for the cultivation of natural herbs promises multiple harvests of the best quality. Take the opportunity to buy the best possible products from Nefertiti, a herbal manufacturer & exporter from Egypt with many years of experience.