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With the world of today being more stressful and with more frequent exposure to environmentally unfriendly elements, strengthening our immune systems and body is a must! Providing our body with the correct nurturing can continuously help to keep our health high and our bodily systems powerful.

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We have one simple aim and mission…to make YOU feel amazing inside and out! It’s important to ensure good health, especially with more harmful pollution in the air and unwholesome food choices available. Our natural products will help to care for your health and wellbeing therefore promoting a happier lifestyle.

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Blackheads on the skin of the face and how to deal with them

What are those notorious black dots? In fact, they are the pores that healthy skin cannot do without. Ideally the pores should be small and …

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Time heals the wounds, but the scars remain

There is such a well-known expression “the scars adorn a man”, from which a kind of pirate immediately arises before the eyes, on whose body …

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Dry & Damaged Hair

Does your hair feel soft, full and thick when you run your hands through it? Does the mirror reflect that shiny and healthy head of …

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Baby skin care in the first year of its life.

There are as many skincare products for children as there are for adults. The question is: does the child really need all these products?     …

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Stress & Aromatherapy

What is Stress? In order to perform optimally, we need a certain amount of tension and therefore stress. Tension can cause positive stress, as evoked …

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Lettuce Seed Oil – 20 Health Benefits

The lettuce, initially cultivated by the Ancient Egyptians for its oil, its now a staple in salad. It’s boring. Innocuous. Well think again!  Lettuce is …

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