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Nefertiti farm and factory 


Company has its origin as a specialized grower and supplier of herbs, honey, and seeds. Al Jasmine factory was built in response to the increasing demand for the company’s products. Cold pressed technology or distillation is used to produce natural oils and essences. The combination of direct distribution and new technology has resulted in natural oil products of excellent quality.

Chemicals, hormones and genetically modified products (GMOs) are not used. Care is taken that the seeds are pressed safely at a cool temperature to protect the oil from rancidity, trans fatty acids, and other toxic processing chemicals.

Our factory is certified by international certificate ISO 9001-2008 and guarantees absolute safe use of natural raw materials, which are grown in an ecologically clean area in Al Fayoum, Egypt.

The quality control department is responsible for monitoring the technology and process of cold pressing: GC / GC-MS / HPL, to ensure that all products comply with international regulations.

Nefertiti natural oils 

Treatment with natural oils is a science and practice which aims to preserve and promote health of body, mind and beauty. Natural oils can be used in the treatment of many diseases ; cardiovascular, musculoskeletal , ENT and viral diseases and can boost immunity, cleanse the body of toxins and maintain and restore hormonal balance. Cosmetic uses include skin and hair care, prevention of hair loss and treatment of split ends. Natural oils are used worldwide in massage therapy. Raw materials are grown in ecologically clean area in Al Fayoum province, Egypt. Chemicals, hormones and genetically modified foods (GMOs) are not used. Factory Al Jasmine produces oil by cold pressing technology: GC / GC-MS / HPLC. All our products meet the strict quality requirements and we consistently strive to produce high-quality natural oils.



Natural cosmetics

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and never give harmful effect aschemicals do.