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With the world of today being more stressful and with more frequent exposure to environmentally unfriendly elements, strengthening our immune systems and body is a must! Providing our body with the correct nurturing can continuously help to keep our health high and our bodily systems powerful.

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Nefertiti For Natural Oils & Herbs

Natural Beauty for You

We have one simple aim and missionโ€ฆto make YOU feel amazing inside and out! Itโ€™s important to ensure good health, especially with more harmful pollution in the air and unwholesome food choices available. Our natural products will help to care for your health and wellbeing therefore promoting a happier lifestyle.

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Don’t sweat it – we all perspire!

Sweating or perspiring (ladies perspire and never sweat!!) – not particularly nice, but a normal and necessary bodily function. It’s the body’s cooling mechanism, without …

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Health Care

Build better bones for your future

Forgive the pun, but the skeletal system really is the proverbial “backbone” to a healthy functioning body. It is often overlooked in its importance, and …

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Black Seed Oil

No added sugar requiredโ€ฆ..diabetic and already sweet enough.

Diabetes is now a global crisis, with approximately 422 million people diagnosed worldwide, and that figure is expected to escalate to over 642 million by …

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Essential Oil

Blood pressure – how low can you go?ย 

Blood pressure is the force of the circulating blood on the walls of the arteries. It is measured in units of millimeters of mercury (mmHg), …

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Health Care

Cholesterol – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Everyone’s heard about cholesterol, and no doubt has heard about the dangers of high cholesterol, but what exactly is it? What does it do?ย    …

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Health Care

The only way to lose weight permanently is the natural way

Today weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. The demand is high for fad diets, books, DVDs, belts, body wraps, pills, food products and supplements …

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