Who WE Are

The secret of our happiness is hidden in us. Being healthy, we confidently go through life and are able to overcome all troubles. Natural health care – is a field of science and practice, which aims to preserve and promote the health of people. This method combines classical achievements of official medicine, rich traditions of folk medicine, methods of prevention and treatment of diseases by using non-drug and non-invasive methods. Natural cosmetics are different from other cosmetic products, due to its composition of natural ingredients that are a source of health, youth and beauty. Care is taken that the seeds are pressed safely at a cool temperature to protect the oil from rancidity, trans fatty acids, and chemicals which can cause health problems. Our main goal is to share with you the secrets for beauty and wellbeing, and give you the most precious, unique feeling of happiness that you enjoy being gorgeous and healthy. . We offer great relationships and provide detailed consultation with customers by using English, Russian, Lithuanian, German and Arabic languages.

Our Farm

We live in harmony with nature. Nefertiti Company was established in 2000 in the province Al Fayoum, located in 130 km from Cairo, Egypt. Al Fayoum is a large oasis in the desert, which has the most fertile soil. In her very first steps the company Nefertiti specialized only in growing herbs and seeds, as their export implementation. We have the type of ecological farming by maintaining the biodiversity in seeds and herbs cultivation. We do not allow any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or any artificial genetic modified additives to enter our farm.

Local Stores

Nefertiti Office 

Address: Al fondok st, Qesm Hurghada, Redsea, Egypt.

Email: customer-care@nefertiti-eg.com

Phone: +2 01151280055

Nefertiti Shop 

Address: Al Kawthar District Abu Ashra Street, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate.
Email: customer-care@nefertiti-eg.com

Phone: +2 01098000767

Nefertiti Palace

Address: Alkawthar , Air port road , Hurghada , Red Sea.

Email: customer-care@nefertiti-eg.com

Phone: +2 01001576117

Nefertiti Sharm El Sheikh

Address: Nefertiti, Mall, El-salam St, sunny lakes resort, beside ideal standards, No.4, South Sinai Governorate 46911.

Email: customer-care@nefertiti-eg.com

Phone: +2 01151280055

Nefertiti Taba

Address: Hilton Taba, Shop number 4, South Sinai Governorate 46618.

Email: taba@nefertiti-eg.com

Phone: +2 01159660299

International Stores

Nefertiti Italy


Email: italy@nefertiti-eg.com

Phone: +2 01151280055

Nefertiti Belarus

Address: Минск, ТЦ «Импульс» магазин номер один, сразу около центрального входа, ул. В.Хоружей, 2

Email: hamada1234@icloud.com

Phone: +375 (25) 955-47-99

Nefertiti Belarus 2

Address:ТЦ Галерея, 4 этаж. (Минск, пр-кт Победителей, 9)

Email: hamada1234@icloud.com

Phone: +375 (25) 955-47-99

Nefertiti Ukraine

Address: ООО «ИСИДА ЭРА» 

Email: ukraine@nefertiti-eg.com

Phone: +38 057 756-20-15