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Pain Relief Oil: How It Interacts With The Body

Introduction to Pain Relief Oil Sometimes in our life, we may find that the joints and muscles in our body start to experience pain, soreness or disorders from many different day to day factors.  Perhaps you are an athlete or a regular user of the gym, putting your joints and muscles under great strain everyday […]

Pain Relief Oil- back pain - Nefertiti

Back Pain and The Best 4 Oils For Natural Treatment

Pain relief oil Black Seed Oil Rucola Seed Oil Sesame oil Back pain the widespread disease One of our so-called common diseases is back pain (lower back pain) (the common diseases of civilization), although people do less physical work today than before. And this is where the problem lies!  It should read: “Because people do […]

Nefertiti Planet getting healthy

Balance of Nature

The bright side of COVID-19, and how this scary virus has unintentionally been beneficial to humanity and our planet!! The situation nowadays Lockdowns, medical shortages and social distancing have become the norm for most people as this virus continues to sweep across the globe creating much loss for many people. However, something strange is happening, […]

Nefertiti Black Seed Oil Properties and benefits

Black Seed Benefits

Black seed History & Properties Black Seed (Black Cumin) (Nigella sativa) (Family Ranunculaceae) is a widely used medicinal plant throughout the world. Seeds and oil have a long history of folklore usage in various systems of medicines and food. The seeds of Black Cumin have been widely used in the treatment of different diseases and […]

Protect ourselves Design

How can we protect ourselves in this difficult time?

The media have clarified the most important measures that we should take to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Basic protective measures against the new COVID-19 2-Maintain a social distance of about 1 meter between one another in public places.  3-Do not touch your face – “eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands”. 4- Cover […]

Weak Immune System

Boost Your Immune System with Natural Black Seed Oil!

In the age of chemical industrial products, the natural means finally has become the first to come up to our minds, once we hear words like bacteria or virus. Strengthen our immune system would be our shield to resist those potential dangers instead of the traditional chemical means that comes with a long list of […]

Natural oils

What is the definition of natural oils (plant oils)?

What is the natural oil definition? In general, natural oils are obtained from the most varied parts of oil-containing plants. For this purpose, from planting the seeds, fruits, leaves, flowers, stems, barks, woods (including their resins) to the root, depending on the type of plant, their plant parts are used. We differentiate between 3 natural oils, […]

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Healthy nervous system with natural oils

 If we reflect on today’s stressful course of everyday life and focus on the nature that surrounds us, we also notice again what we have so far perceived in the subconscious, when we walk through nature. Whether in the forest the smell of wood, in meadows or gardens the smell of flowers, the essential oils […]

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Natural Oils for general health care

By educating known nutritionists, we now know that there are different natural oils that are essential for maintaining and promoting our health. The quality of oils depends on the production of the oils. It is important to pay attention to the note “Cold pressed oil”, because refining means heating and thus killing important nutrients. Cold […]

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Shea butter — must have for every woman

With media education, we hope that our environmental awareness has improved. This includes, we also stop using chemical products for our personal care. Why natural cosmetics? Many negative environmental influences damage our skin, from air pollutants to high ozone-containing air. This requires special protection for our skin. Why should we use chemical agents for this […]

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