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Blackheads on the skin of the face and how to deal with them

What are those notorious black dots? In fact, they are the pores that healthy skin cannot do without. Ideally the pores should be small and dispelling any excess sebum, as the pores clogged with dust particles and dead epithelium become an unpresentable sight. Normally, sebum is constantly released and washed off the face during cleansing. […]


Time heals the wounds, but the scars remain

There is such a well-known expression “the scars adorn a man”, from which a kind of pirate immediately arises before the eyes, on whose body there are many marks indicating his stormy life. But now not only women, but also many men prefer to have smooth, unscarred skin. Not everyone decides on the surgical methods […]


Dry & Damaged Hair

Does your hair feel soft, full and thick when you run your hands through it? Does the mirror reflect that shiny and healthy head of hair you want? Or do you have to admit that what you feel and see is less desirable? Brittle and dry hair is the reality for many, not to mention […]


Baby skin care in the first year of its life.

There are as many skincare products for children as there are for adults. The question is: does the child really need all these products?                     Children’s skin is very different from adult skin, let’s look at what the differences are, and what kind of care the baby’s […]


Stress & Aromatherapy

What is Stress? In order to perform optimally, we need a certain amount of tension and therefore stress. Tension can cause positive stress, as evoked by pleasant events, such as before a competition or for a holiday. This tension disappears after some time and the body returns to a state of rest. On the other hand, […]

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Lettuce Seed Oil – 20 Health Benefits

The lettuce, initially cultivated by the Ancient Egyptians for its oil, its now a staple in salad. It’s boring. Innocuous. Well think again!  Lettuce is a powerhouse of essential nutrients for our body’s health and vitality. The oil, cold pressed from the lettuce seeds, retains all of these nutrients. Lettuce seed oil was considered a […]


Let your memories last a lifetime

The function known as memory is our ability to take in information, store it, and retrieve it at a later date. There are two types of basic memory – short-term (working) and long-term. In essence, it is our memory that makes us the person that we are, and allows us to live our life to […]


Natural oils for enhanced tanning and UV protection

Natural sun tanning is very beneficial for the body and skin. The sun’s rays stimulate the production of vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin”, which is vital for us for the good condition of bones, skin, hair, and for hormonal balance. The sun’s rays also contribute to the production of melatonin, a natural antidepressant. But you […]


Can you get rid of acne with oils?

Millions of people around the world suffer from acne. Approximately 70-90% of young people, regardless of gender, have these skin problems. And the age range of this disease is becoming wider. Why are so many affected by acne? Common causes of acne are: excess sebum production, clogged pores, and bacteria living in those pores. Also, […]


Natural haemorrhoid assailants – eliminate this pain in the backside!

Haemorrhoids, not the nicest subject to talk about, but something that should be addressed since it’s estimated that three in four adults will suffer with haemorrhoids from time to time during their lifespan. So what are haemorrhoids, also known as piles? They are actually swollen veins, somewhat similar to varicose veins, which can develop inside […]

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