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Flavor of hospitality, friendliness and peace. Highly recommended and widely used for the prevention as well as in a complex treatment of many viral, intestinal, and nervous system disorders. Mint is one of the best ingredients in many cuisines.

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Mint Benefits

Regular consumption of mint tea relieves the heart activity and stimulates the blood circulation. Since ancient times mint tea used for colds and fever treatment. Helps to remove the symptoms of those diseases and accelerates the healing process. Mint tea has relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, when used to relieve pain and stomach cramps, colic, heartburn, indigestion.

How dose Mint help for Calming and relaxing?

Mint tea had been found as a perfect remedy in headaches, migraines, nausea treatment. Mint tea, taken before the bedtime, insures the quiet and deep sleep.

Use Mint for Skin care

Mint water, or mint cubes are highly recommended for the sensitive skin care. Cleans the skin from dirt and removes toxins from the skin.

How to use mint?

Mint could be taken as an original tea, as well as added to the black or green tea to get a magical flavor. Very often added to various kinds of fresh juice. Drinking cold with ice cubes in hot climate zones, sauna, Spa centers. Often used in alcoholic beverages preparation. Well known as a spice is various worldwide cuisines.

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