Miss Eco Visit 2021

On Thursday, 25th March we were delighted to welcome the stunning contestants from the Miss Eco 2021 competition to our store in Sharm el Sheikh. We also had this privilege during the last competition in 2019 (the event was cancelled in 2020), and hope that this will become a time-honoured tradition. It is perhaps apt that the name of Nefertiti translates to โ€œa beautiful woman has comeโ€. Queen Nefertiti herself was famed for her beauty and power.


The Miss Eco International Contest is an international beauty pageant and is an LTCP-UN (Let’s Take Care of the Planet- United Nations) project. The first pageant took place in 2015, and has been hosted by Egypt each year. This yearโ€™s event is being hosted in Sharm el Sheikh from 8th March until 6th April. Contestants from 60 countries compete for the crown to represent the values of Miss Eco – promoting the importance of saving our planet environmentally, encouraging cultural awareness, and being the face of tourism and environmental tourism marketing campaigns on an international level.ย 


As a producer and manufacturer of natural oils and herbs, environmental issues are very close to our heart, and sustainability and minimal impact on the environment are key, so we are delighted to be a sponsor of this wonderful event. The competition prides itself on focusing on the wellbeing of the contestantsโ€™ mind, body and spirit, thus sharing our mission –ย  to promote good health, and feeling good on the inside and outside.

IMG 3392 FILEminimizer resizedThe contestants were offered the same unique experience we offer to all visitors to our store – try before you buy, feel the quality and learn the history. Firstly they were welcomed with traditional sweets and drinks.ย 


Next there was a short presentation about the history of Nefertiti. It was highlighted that we are able to control the quality and integrity of our oils by having strict control over the entire process by using our own farm and factory. The plants are grown using only natural fertilisers, and the oils extracted using the environmentally friendly fashion of modern cold press technology or distillation method technology, and without the use of other solvents.


Various oils were passed around to sample, information given, tips shared and the versatility of the oils discussed. It appeared that every contestant treated their hair and skin to a little Jojoba Oil during the presentation!

IMG 9280 resizedAfter the presentation the contestants were free to wander around the store. As is our usual practice, the ladies were accompanied by well-informed, friendly personnel to answer all their questions, and carry their purchases. Each purchase is made with the intricate knowledge of the natural benefits of that product, how it suits their needs and requirements, plus full details of how and when to use it.ย 


It would seem that a lot of lucky mothers were treated to our anti-wrinkle oil or butter! Luckily we always supply written instructions with each product so that any vital information isnโ€™t forgotten. Our cold pressed oils were top of the shopping list for themselves, due to their wonderful benefits for the skin and hair. During their shopping opportunity some of the contestants also took the time to sample some of our unique blends of perfume.ย 


When it was time to say goodbye, each of the lovely ladies was presented with a gift box containing four oils, and a 50% off coupon for online purchases throughout the remainder of this year.

IMG 9249 resizedWe wish all the contestants the very best of luck in the competition. It was a pleasure to meet each and every one of you – you are all worthy winners.

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