Natural mosquito’s repellent with oils. Best recipes

Summer time: mosquito time

Due to globalization and the heat development of our planet, we are getting more and more problems with an annoying insect, the mosquito.

There are many articles about: How do I prevent the mosquitoes from spreading, shielding water reservoirs, using chemical clubs to kill the eggs in wetlands, etc. But we cannot completely kill that without harming ourselves with a lot of poison.

For some time, the consciousness in us has been awakened to more and more natural means of personal care, cleaning and insect control. We have noticed that pesticides have also destroyed a variety of beautiful flowers that used to grow wild, with the use of poisons.

Slowly we realize that these toxins harm us humans as well.

If we go into what we often call “developing countries”, we find that people here do not forget how to protect themselves with natural resources. Let’s learn from them!!

In the industrialized countries we harm us with some “new development!”

We, Nefertiti Oil and Herbs, reflect on the thing’s nature gives us to produce natural oils, essential oils, aroma oils, cosmetics, teas and much more.

For the natural defense of mosquitoes help a number of our essential oils, which, we show you here by some examples:

Essential oil to keep mosquitoes away

Eucalyptus oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, clove oil, patchouli oil, rosemary oil, cedar wood oil, lemon oil, tea tree oil, mint oil

Use of essential oil to stop mosquitoes

Mix a few drops Lavender oil (2-5%) with carrier oil for example Almond oil and rub your skin with it. Thus, you can “kill two birds with one stone” here mosquitoes :-))). You take care of your skin with almond oil and lavender scent for us humans soothing and calming, dispels the annoying pest spirits!

However, you can use lavender oil for mosquitoes by means of a diffuser. So you keep the mosquitoes away in your living and sleeping area.

And have you ever caught by a mosquito, dab lavender oil locally on the mosquito bite. Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

You are allergic to a mosquito bite? After a mosquito bite, chamomile oil is recommended to be applied to prevent inflammation.

natural mosquito repellent plants nz florida in the philippinesFor defense and at the same time for treatment tea tree oil is suitable. Its healing anti-inflammatory effect prevents inflammation. It’s the penetrating scent of this essential oil mosquitoes hate. However, since it is not so fragrant for us, we should not use it as a “perfume substitute” essential oil to repel mosquitoes; here is an aroma lamp for essential oils (also for balmy summer evenings on the balcony) the better choice.

If you want to visit a café in the evening chill out, whether on vacation or at home, mix your own essential oil spray for mosquitoes for the handbag.

In contrast to the “chemical club”, the effect of essential oils as a natural remedy for mosquitoes does not last as long and you should spray something from time to time.

Lemongrass essential oil for mosquitoes  

Lemongrass oil chases off the mosquitoes as well as the similarly scented lemon essential oil helps against mosquitoes. These essential oils are perfect for making a room spray. Mix a few drops with water and you will receive a pleasant, fresh scent that at the same time keeps mosquitoes away. This effect is certainly already known to you through the Citronella (lemongrass oil) candles, the appropriate party lighting for evening celebrations outdoors.

Natural Mosquito Repellent For DogsMany plants contain active ingredients for their own insect defense. We also know this from the mint. A plant on the balcony helps to keep out annoying mosquitoes. You can also enhance this effect with an aroma lamp filled with mint oil!

Another essential oil for mosquitoes is clove oil. It is one of the essential oils mosquitoes don’t like. Mosquitoes avoid the smell of clove oil.

Take advantage of the fact that lemons spiked with carnations have been used against mosquitoes in the past. So today you can make a mixture of essential lemon oil with clove oil to get a more effective effect and keep your environment free of mosquitoes with a diffuser!

I hope you find help for the question: what essential oil is good for mosquitoes?

For information: It is very important that you use essential oils for Mosquito repellent, which are produced from organic plants.

Nefertiti is an Egyptian company (Egypt is by its climate one of the main suppliers of essential oils for the whole world) based in Fayum, Egypt. Here grow on our own fields, the plants for the production of essential oils by the Nefertiti factory. Nefertiti does not use any chemical additives from cultivation to its own filling of the oils and thus provides a 100% quality product.

Visit our stores in Egypt or order your choice in our Nefertiti Online Shop. In our wide selection you will find which essential oil for mosquitoes you want to use!

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