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Autumn Facial Care Recipes

With Autumn hammering on the door, seasonal changes are happening. Likewise it’s time to step up the beauty routine to help soothe, nourish and protect our skin against the cold winds and subsequent dry skin heading our way. Whilst exchanging our lighter moisturisers from the summer to a heavier one for autumn/winter may seem adequate, […]


Banish the Monday Blues

So summer is over, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting cooler. As autumn moves in, is your mood not so bright? Do the weekends seem to be getting shorter, and Monday morning comes around all too soon? Does the morning alarm on a Monday morning have you wanting to dive back […]


Get the summer vibe!

As we enter the final month of the official summer period, some of us may find ourselves undertaking yet another staycation. It’s fair to say that the past two summers have pretty much been a wipeout thanks to Covid. We may have had big dreams for this summer which just haven’t come to fruition as […]


Overdone the sun? Natural help is at hand…

So summer finally arrived, you rushed to the beach, park, back garden or foreign destination but were unprepared for the intense UV rays and now find yourself with red, painful sunburn. Even when you take the appropriate action and apply sun protection regularly or even take steps to limit direct sun exposure and sit in […]

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Beat the heat with a refreshing essential oil mist

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an essential oil mist? Probably a room-scenting spray. Did you know that those same essential oils can also be incorporated into a refreshing face and body mist for you? Not only will it refresh and give you a lovely scent, but essential oils […]


Indulge your skin – 4 Summer DIY recipes

So summer is in full swing, the heat is up, and it’s time to treat ourselves to some pampering natural DIY home treatments. We may refer to summer as the lazy, hazy days, but in reality our body is working in overdrive to keep us cool and fully functioning, and none more so than the […]


Summer Survival Secrets of Peppermint

It’s official! Summer has finally arrived! After dreaming of summer during the cold winter months, are you now obsessing over how to stay cool?  Whether you’re baking yourself by the pool or on the beach, or simply going about your normal routine, no one wants to resemble a melting snowman! While an entire summer of […]


Spotlight on Lotus Oil

LOTUS OIL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION       The lotus plant is native to Asia, Persia, North Africa and Oceania, although it is now cultivated in water gardens all over the world. The plant is considered sacred in many cultures. An integral part of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, its unique blooming pattern saw it become the symbol of the […]


Spotlight on Rose Oil

ROSE OIL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  The rose, also known as Queen of the Garden and the flower of heaven has been used since ancient times for its therapeutic properties. The oldest records we have show that they were known to man over 5000 years ago, and fossils prove that they have existed for more than 40 […]


Spotlight on Violet Oil

VIOLET OIL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Violet has been used for thousands of years for both it’s flavouring and its therapeutic properties. It is believed that violet was first cultivated by the Ancient Greeks in 500 BC, who made it the symbol of Athens and used it extensively in food recipes, wine, love potions and medicine. Medieval […]

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