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Caring For Sunburnt Skin

Summertime – the fun-packed season, filled with BBQ’s, trips to the park, beach, playing sports and taking holidays abroad. Sounds idyllic… until the sunburn strikes! Unprotected skin can take only minutes to burn, and once you see the tell-tell signs of red skin, it’s already much too late. Despite your very best intentions you may […]

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The most useful gifts from Egypt 

Egypt has always been and remains a desirable holiday destination. The sun, the sea, friendly people… what else is needed for happiness? In summer, a light breeze always blows, which helps to endure the African heat, and in winter, when there is snow and cold in the Motherland, Egypt is the promised land, where it […]


An aromachologist to myself

Modern man can hardly cope with the urban rhythm of life.  Too much noise, too much fuss, too many tall buildings that put pressure on us psychologically. All this becomes a source of constant stress. As a result, sooner or later it affects our health. That is why it is very important to be able […]

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 Journey into the world of perfumery

A bit of history The history of perfumery began in ancient times in Egypt – the country of the pyramids. It is in Egypt that you need to look for the secrets of creating the first incense. The very first fragrances had not so much aesthetic as religious significance. They were used in various rituals, […]


35 Ways to Use Eucalyptus Oil

Well used by the Aborigines in its native Australia, eucalyptus oil is probably best known as an essential ingredient in flu and cold relievers and most commercial chest rubs, there’s much more to eucalyptus oil than most people realise. It’s so versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways to make use of […]


Winter’s in full swing! Break out the Eucalyptus Oil

So winter is in full swing. Everyone seems to be suffering from the sniffles of some sort, and are either recovering from, in the midst of, or about to begin a nasty bout of flu. After the previous years lockdowns and safety measures which resulted in reduced exposure to cold and flu viruses, it was […]


It’s winter!! Time to Rescue Your Skin with Shea Butter

Dry skin is inevitable in winter. Cold dry air, brutal harsh winds, hot showers and central heating can be brutal on the skin. In fact, the skin loses approximately 25% more moisture in the winter months than it does in the warmer months. For those that already suffer from dehydrated and sensitive skin, the season […]


The Healing Properties of Frankincense Essential Oil

The very name is synonymous with the season since it was one of the first Christmas gifts presented by the Magi/Three Wise Men alongside gold and myrrh. Throughout the ages this precious oil has been so revered that it was literally worth its weight (or more) in gold, and is aptly referred to as the […]


Bathtime Bliss with Essential Oils

Is there anything that feels better during the cold winter months than a long soak in the tub? Forget the misery of freezing temperatures, getting soaked by rain or snow, and shivering in the icy wind. Perhaps you’ve had a tough or stressful day at work, the kids are fighting, or you’re just feeling down […]


Caption: Natural Help for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

For some people, winter is their favourite season, whilst others absolutely loathe it, hating the cold weather it brings and the short dark days. Meanwhile there is another group of people who look at winter with a sense of impending doom, as well they might. These are the ones who suffer from a condition called […]

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