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Boost Your Immune System with Natural Black Seed Oil!

In the age of chemical industrial products, the natural means finally has become the first to come up to our minds, once we hear words like bacteria or virus. Strengthen our immune system would be our shield to resist those potential dangers instead of the traditional chemical means that comes with a long list of […]

What is the definition of natural oils (plant oils)?

The importance of natural oils has increased with our health awareness. Natural oils are used in naturopathy, such as in the kitchen, and for the production of cosmetics.   What is natural oil definition? In general, all-natural oils are obtained from the most varied parts of oil-containing plants. For this purpose, from planting the seeds, fruits, […]

Healthy nervous system with natural oils

 If we reflect on today’s stressful course of everyday life and focus on the nature that surrounds us, we also notice again what we have so far perceived in the subconscious, when we walk through nature. Whether in the forest the smell of wood, in meadows or gardens the smell of flowers, the essential oils […]

Natural mosquito’s repellent with oils. Best recipes

Summer time: mosquito time Due to globalization and the heat development of our planet, we are getting more and more problems with an annoying insect, the mosquito. There are many articles about: How do I prevent the mosquitoes from spreading, shielding water reservoirs, using chemical clubs to kill the eggs in wetlands, etc. But we […]

Massage with essential oils. What you should know about

Exhausted? A massage is appropriate! Why we usually choose a massage has one reason: tensions that are associated with unpleasant pain. Most people do not know that tension pain not only comes from excessive physical exertion but has many psychological causes. Our daily stressful, fast-paced life promotes some aches and pains. There are different types […]

7 best oils for your skin

7 best oils for your skin

Since our skin is our largest organ, which is spiked with millions of nerve cells, it needs special attention and care. The nerve cells react to cold in winter and dryness in summer (often through the use of air conditioning) and sun damage. Natural and essential oils have achieved a high ranking in natural cosmetics, […]

Relieving pain with essential oils. Why it works

We distinguish between different forms of pain: Acute pain, chronic pain, nerve pain We developed our pain relief oil for a natural form of pain treatment. Especially in manual therapy, the combination of essential oils is a welcome alternative to chemical products. The effect of our natural pain relief oil occurs not only by the […]

Natural oils for high blood pressure

People who suffer from high blood pressure, in the long run, a major health risk. Blood vessels and the heart are, particularly at risk. The name hypertension for high blood pressure can be derived from the Latin and means (too strong tension). One of the causes of high blood pressure is permanent mental pressure, which […]

TOP natural oils & herbs, which you should definitely have at home

To cover the daily needs of nutrients and vitamins, it is advisable to have some supply of natural oils, as well as natural herbs in the house. With a cup of tea in the morning, you can start the healthy day. Hibiscus tea (Karkade tea) has a high content of vitamin C and is often […]

Essential oils to lose weight! How it works?

Essential oils help to reduce unnecessary body weight in various ways: through the fragrance of the essential oils, while using an aroma lamp or through the therapeutic use in different kinds of massage. Essential oils have a detoxifying effect on the body and especially on the circulation, digestion and hormone balance. Thus, they ensure the […]

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