Pomegranate and Peach Cream


Deep, complete skincare with two super fruits that keep the skin in top shape. Dry, flaky, dull looking skin is a thing of the past, time for skin repair and renewal, rejuvenation and a healthy glowing skin.

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This superb blend of pomegranate and peach is an ideal combination for total skin rejuvenation, full of healthy vitamins, antioxidants, minerals & essential fatty acids to totally support skin, encouraging collagen formation, reducing inflammation and restoring the skin. Diminish blemished and tired looking dull skin and replace it with fresh-looking and tightened skin. 

Pomegranate is a superfruit, full of vitamins C and E, anthocyains, ellagitannins, ellagic acid, folic acid and many other plant polyphenols; whilst peach is also jam packed with skin loving nutrients and vitamins, including potassium, zinc, beta carotene, selenium and magnesium, along with vitamins K, A and C. Together they provide an awesome partnership which is a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and  antimicrobial encouraging skin rebirth, fighting free radicals and restoring the skin’s natural PH balance. Suitable for any skin type to repair, rejuvenate and replenish, keeping the skin in tiptop condition.
Highlights of this concentrated blend of pomegranate and peach include:

Adds moisture, brightens, restores and protects

Penetrates deeply into the skin, providing complete nourishment and locking in moisture, restoring dry or flaky skin, and at the same time controlling sebum production, omitting oily skin. Contains highly active antioxidants to prevent the skin tissue degrading and boosts collagen and elastin production to make the skin more supple and firm, and reduce sagging skin and deter the signs of ageing. Skin cell turnover is speeded up resulting in a radiant glow.

Treats inflammatory skin conditions

The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties combined with zinc and potassium reduces inflammation whilst protecting & restoring damaged skin and encouraging skin rebirth. Skin conditions such as eczema & rosacea are often caused by free radical damage, rich in antioxidants, this cream can reduce and prevent further symptoms, whilst boosting the growth of new skin cells to help repair damaged skin cells.   

Infection-Free Skin

Natural antimicrobials will soothe irritations whilst fighting and destroying bacteria or fungus on the skin. Acne and breakouts, often caused by blocked pores which become infected, will be calmed by the anti-inflammatory properties, the bacteria is destroyed, and the sebum production regulated, thus preventing further breakouts. Skin regeneration is boosted, increasing circulation and initiating skin repair and wound healing.

Fades blemishes, pigmentation and scars

Promotes skin regeneration, preventing dead skin cells from sitting on the surface of the skin, assisting in scar healing and fading discolouration, blemishes and skin imperfections, whilst toning the skin, resulting in a brighter, clearer skin with a healthy glow.

UV ray protection

Antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties help to minimise the effects of UV rays, creating a radical neutralising barrier which the sun cannot penetrate, and protecting against sun related pigmentation, cancers, sunburn and ageing. Also replenishes and restores the skin after sun exposure. Please note that this does not negate the need for adequate SPF protection during prolonged sun exposure.

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