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Pain Relieve Oil

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Pain Relief Oil

Brand: Nefertiti for natural oils & herbs
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Country of Origin: Egypt
Botanical Composition: Eucalyptus oil, Marjoram oil, Black Seed oil, Fennel oil, Sandalwood oil, Essential oils..
Usage: Pain reliever, Anti-inflammatory
INCI: Pain relief oil blend
Color: Earthy green to dark amber
Scent: Fresh woodsy with menthol overtones
Physical State: Liquid
Natural: Yes
Purity: 100%
ISO Certified: Yes

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Pure Essential oils for pain Benefits

Pure Pain oil blend is a natural composition of therapeutic essential oils, which is helpful to relieve. This unique natural pain oil combines an immediate pain relieving effect, and it also inhibits healing therapy with long-term effect.

Natural Essential oils for pain for Massage

Natural pain oil is highly recommended to use for pain reducing massage, or it could be applied directly to certain areas, to alleviate sore muscles, relax stiff joints, increase blood circulation, and relieve overall body pain and tension.

Pure Essential oils for pain for Rheumatism

Applications using essential natural pain oil blend could lessen rheumatism, help with lymph node congestion, and gout.

Natural Essential oils for pain for Back

The warming effect of Essential oils for pain relaxes, and calms. Massaging of the peculiarities in the bolus of the vasculature where the cerebral area is better blood and warmed up, and it resolves inflammation.

Essential oils for different pains

Helps in various spinal diseases, spinal vertebrae hernia, lower back pain, sports injuries, and also muscle pain treatment.

Essential oils for pain Relieve

This perfectly composed essential oil blend for pain relieve has an immediate effect and could easily relax the muscle strain, muscle spasm, removes pain, and relieves swelling. Natural Pain oil blend is well-known and widely used by manual therapy specialists, to facilitate their work and it speeds up the healing process itself.

Pure essential oils for pain in feet

Legs and feet are most often caused by fatigue. High heels, uncomfortable shoes, tiring hikes and standing work are the main causes of this condition. Pure essential oils for pain all day removes light pains and improves blood supply.

Natural Essential oils for pain in knees

Knee pain can happen to you at any age. Trauma, ligament problems or the onset of arthritis are some of the most common causes. This natural essential oil for pain is an effective way to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain in your knees.

How to Use Essential oils for pain

If you use natural essential oils for pain yourself, then the best effect would be achieved by making applications per night. Take a little amount of natural pain oil, gently massage to certain areas or make an application with pain oil blend, bandage and leave overnight. To relieve back and spine pain, you should make intense massage using pure essential oils for pain to certain areas. After the procedure the physical activity and changes in temperature are not recommended.

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1 review for Pain Relieve Oil

  1. heidi.gillford

    Natural and effective pain killer and long lasting organic relief blend. Well done and highly recommended!

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