What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a vital substance that performs special tasks in the body. It is involved in the metabolic process in the brain and a required substance in the production of bile acid for fat digestion. It acts in the formation of vitamin D and hormones such as cortisol, estrogen and testosterone.

Because the body produces 90% of the required cholesterol itself, it is important to keep a balanced diet so as not to over-supply the body with cholesterol.

Good HDL and bad LDL cholesterolcholesterol arteries 300x200 cholesterol arteries

Cholesterol binds in the blood with water-soluble proteins to be transported. This creates a so-called liquid with lipoprotein, which performs various tasks in the body. Depending on their protein and liquid content, these are classified into VLDL (very low density) LDL (low density) and HDL (high density). Here, the so-called “bad” LDL has a high Liquid content and the “good” HDL a low content of the liquid. The higher the level of the fluid, the more harmful the cholesterol level is to our body.

VLDL and LDL harmful effects on our body

Since the elevated cholesterol levels are noticeable as deposits in our vascular walls, they are responsible for a stronger arteriosclerosis and thus for an increased health risk. A good ratio of HDL and LDL values, for example, has a positive effect on our health.

LDL cholesterol has a very bad effect on our body, while HDL cholesterol has a positive effect on cholesterol levels. Because an elevated cholesterol level is not immediately noticeable, a precautionary blood and vascular check is urgently recommended to the doctor.

HDL positive impact on our bodyfat in blood 300x200

It is important that as much HDL as possible and little LDL flows through our arteries to prevent the risk of arteriosclerosis (atherosclerosis). The good HDL has the ability to regain the deposits of poor LDL on the vessel walls, to transport them back to the liver to be converted back into lipoproteins. Thus, high HDL content can positively influence the negative effects of LDL.


However, the triglycerides are important for balanced health of our body. They form the energy reserve for our body and are stored in the fatty tissue. An elevated level of triglycerides has a negative effect on cholesterol levels. Increased triglyceride levels can be badly influenced by chemical, which requires a healthy diet.

Low triglyceride values = good HDL values.

Chronic stress causes an elevated cholesterol level, so it is important to compensate, in addition to a healthy diet with relaxation techniques.

ย A healthy diet includes:healthy diet include

The consumption of animal fats has to be minimized. To put fresh vegetables and fruits on the daily diet as much as possible.

Mediterranean food, the ideal diet

Here, in addition to plenty of vegetables and fruits, the fish also plays an important role.

And indeed, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish have a positive effect on the triglyceride levels. A balanced triglyceride value, as we know from the report, has a positive effect on cholesterol levels

With inherited, elevated cholesterol, drug treatment is often unavoidable but also helps a balanced diet to lower the bad cholesterol.


Various oils to lower cholesterol levels

To reduce our cholesterol level also the most different oils help:

So in the kitchen,ย Olive Oilย is welcome oil for preparing refreshing salads.ย Fenugreek Oilย also has a cholesterol-lowering effect and has a calming effect on the nervous system. Next,ย Wheat germย oil should be mentioned; a regular intake lowers the cholesterol level and additionally protects the immune system.

Except for the use of Natural oils, the use of some teas is beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels.

Teas to lower cholesterol levels

Such as:

Tamarind Teaย boosts the formation of red blood cells and reduces cholesterol

Karkade Tea, which should be enjoyed cold, with high blood pressure and hot at low blood pressure, it has a cholesterol-lowering effect.

So some spices also help to improve the bad LDL value,


Spices to lower cholesterol levels

ย such as:

Cinnamonย andย cayenne pepper.

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