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How can we protect ourselves in this difficult time?

The media have clarified the most important measures that we should take to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Basic protective measures against the new COVID-19 2-Maintain a social distance of about 1 meter between one another in public places.  3-Do not touch your face – “eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands”. 4- Cover […]

Healthy nervous system with natural oils

 If we reflect on today’s stressful course of everyday life and focus on the nature that surrounds us, we also notice again what we have so far perceived in the subconscious, when we walk through nature. Whether in the forest the smell of wood, in meadows or gardens the smell of flowers, the essential oils […]

Natural Oils for general health care

By educating known nutritionists, we now know that there are different natural oils that are essential for maintaining and promoting our health. The quality of oils depends on the production of the oils. It is important to pay attention to the note “Cold pressed oil”, because refining means heating and thus killing important nutrients. Cold […]

Massage with essential oils. What you should know about

Exhausted? A massage is appropriate! Why we usually choose a massage has one reason: tensions that are associated with unpleasant pain. Most people do not know that tension pain not only comes from excessive physical exertion but has many psychological causes. Our daily stressful, fast-paced life promotes some aches and pains. There are different types […]

What is Karkade? All the truth about magical Sudanese rose

Karkade, or hibiscus, is a plant native to tropical countries. Growing areas from Karkade in Egypt are mainly in the Aswan, Fayum, Quena and some in Nile Delta areas, the largest part of the Sudanese Karkade grew in Kordofan and Darfur. Karkade plants prefer sandy loamy soil and heat to develop beautiful large flowers for […]

Relieving pain with essential oils. Why it works

We distinguish between different forms of pain: Acute pain, chronic pain, nerve pain We developed our pain relief oil for a natural form of pain treatment. Especially in manual therapy, the combination of essential oils is a welcome alternative to chemical products. The effect of our natural pain relief oil occurs not only by the […]

Vegetable and seeds oils. Are they really dangerous?

We are overwhelmed by the media from all sides with articles on the use and effects of vegetable oils. This forms the question: are vegetable oils bad for me? Forget the statement: Vegetable oils are not healthy. As with all natural products, including those that are used in natural health therapy: 1.Applied in the correct […]

What should you know about aromatherapy? Full aromatherapy oils guide

Aromatherapy is the use of natural essential oils for the well-being of the body, as well as for the relief of disease symptoms. It is not new, because the ancient Egyptians have already applied aromatherapy. Aromatherapy oils how to use The use of aromatherapy is a welcome relaxation option once you are stressed out and […]

Herbs and spices from Egypt: treasures of nature in your kitchen

Back to nature is the buzzword. Fresh herbs and spices are just as important as fresh vegetables. Herbs from Egypt offer top quality. Why?? The year-round favorable climate provides the prerequisite for a multiple harvests in the year; fresh herbs are available for further processing at any time. The sun brings an excellent quality of […]

Natural oils for high blood pressure

People who suffer from high blood pressure, in the long run, a major health risk. Blood vessels and the heart are, particularly at risk. The name hypertension for high blood pressure can be derived from the Latin and means (too strong tension). One of the causes of high blood pressure is permanent mental pressure, which […]

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