Almond Oil – Powerhouse of Nutrients


Surely everyone knows Almonds, those delicious nuts with their whitish flesh covered by a reddish brown layer. They have a light, milky/buttery taste and their crunchiness adds to the distinct flavour of these nuts. This slightly roasted flavour of raw almonds is due to its skin. And it could very well be, that it is actually the occasional faint taste of bitterness, that emphasizes their sweetness.

The definite taste of almonds can be enhanced by heating (in the oven or frying pan, possibly with some oil or butter), though this causes a decrease of their nourishing properties.

Almonds are one of the most consumed nuts in the world.ย 

Besides from being extremely tasty, they are very versatile – almonds are being used to make almond paste, almond flour, nougat, almond milk or almond oil and often almonds are to be found as a garnish on cakes or desserts.

But above all, almonds are very healthy!

Almonds are considered one of the healthiest nuts and a perfect addition to nearly any diet…ย 

Almonds are packed with nutrients and an excellent source of fibre and proteins, offering you the feeling of satiety sooner which causes your calorie intake to reduce…ย 

Almonds are cholesterol-free! Besides, they contain a high amount of monounsaturated fatty acids, that causes the cholesterol in the body to reduce, and thus reducing the risk of heart disease…ย 

In addition, almonds contain high amounts of vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that helps prevent accumulation of plaque in the arteries.

In fact, these seemingly guileless nuts can be a very powerful source for both your internal and external health.

So what are Almonds?

Almond actually is a drupe (stone fruit) growing from the almond tree, which is native to South Asia and the Middle East. Technically, the almond is a seed rather than a nut. This explains why the almond is such a valuable source of essential nutrients, since the nutritional value of seeds in general is higher. After harvesting the fruit, its solid nutshell is cracked and the skin removed by briefly blanching the almond.

Almonds can be divided into two types: the sweet edible almond and the bitter almond, which is not suitable for consumption and is mainly used to produce skin care products like soap or body crรจmes.

And what makes Almonds so insanely healthy?

Eating almonds can have so many positive effects on your body.

For example, the nutrients in these super nuts can fight inflammation, will boost your immune system and promote digestion. Almonds are also a very suitable snack if you want to lose a few pounds, as the unsaturated fats and dietary fibres ensure a feeling of satiety, and craving for snacks will be satisfied for the time being.


Just a handful of almonds (about 30 grams) will already provide you with 3.5 grams of fibre, 5/6 grams of proteins, 14 grams of fat (9 grams of which are monounsaturated fats) vitamin B2 and a fair amount of calcium, zinc, copper, phosphorus among other minerals. On top of all that, this amount of almonds contain vitamin E – 37% of the recommended daily intake, manganese – 32% of the RDI and magnesium – 20% of the RDI.ย  Nuts in general, including the almond, are known for their high fat content and therefore they are usually not included in most of the recommended diets. But….ย 

Almonds are such an amazing source of antioxidants!


Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. In our body this vitamin participates in the production of red blood cells, which are responsible for transportation of oxygen. Vitamin E also assists in the maintenance of muscles and other tissues, and is important for an over all healthy physical resistance.ย 

Vitamin E is an antioxidant. Antioxidants tend to build up in the cell membranes inside the body, protecting the cells against free radicals (unstable molecules that react quickly with other substances) and oxidative stress (damaged molecules and cells) that can contribute to serious illnesses such as cancer. It is important to know that these powerful antioxidants are mainly concentrated in the brown covering layer of the almondsโ€™ skin. Therefore, removing the skin will decrease the positive contribution that almonds can add to your health.

Almonds are among the world’s top sources of vitamin E, containing 37% of the RDI in just 28 grams (about 1 ounce). Several studies have linked a higher intake of vitamin E with a lower rate of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Research has shown that almonds have a positive effect on the levels of “bad cholesterol” (LDL) in your body. The study showed that almonds – and nuts in general – have a very beneficial effect both on the amount of bad cholesterol and on blood pressure. A handful of almonds a day can naturally help lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In order to enjoy and take advantage of all Almondsโ€™ health benefits much more and in a very simple way, adding the use of Almond Oil to your daily routine is highly recommended! All the nutritional values in Almonds, already abundantly provided by Mother Nature, concentrated in this amazing and versatile product – Almond Oil.


Almond oil – the Miracle oil5f732c449dbdb

Besides from being incredibly healthy as a part of your daily diet, adding almonds’ benefits to your physical care will be of great advantage for your overall health and feeling of well-being. The use of almond oil is very suitable for this purpose.

What is Almond oil?

Almond oil is, simply explained, created by pressing raw almonds in cold state. The 100% pure oil that arises from this process is a transparent substance with a soft golden yellowish hue. The appealing sweet scent almost invites you to eat it – which by the way is strongly discouraged!ย 

Due to its rich and intense aroma, almond oil is widely used in skin care products and it lends a seductive and alluring nuance of sweet, nutty, cherry-like fragrance to perfumes and menโ€™s colognes.

More importantly, applying the cold pressing method of the edible almonds ensures that all the beneficial antioxidants and other nutrients are properly preserved. This makes almond oil extremely suitable for nourishment and care of your skin, your hair and your nails.


Almond oil – Feel and BE healthy


Almond oil is like a very versatile ammo for having and keeping a healthy body. So keep your skin smooth, the best-groomed nails ever, and nourish pretty much everything else between head and toe simply by adding almond oil to your daily routine.

Almond oil and Skin care

5f732c66aa196In addition to the many other beneficial properties of almond oil, it is suitable for application on almost any skin at any age – even the sensitive skin of infants – and penetrates the skin very easily. The lightweight texture of almond oil makes it easy to apply, especially to the delicate skin around the eyes. In this sensitive area of the face almond oil helps to lighten puffiness and dark circles around the eyes and prevent their recurrence.

Almond oil is loaded with the vitamin E – the fountain of youth. Being an antioxidant, Vitamin E helps to protect the body against free radicals. The monounsaturated fatty acids contained in almond oil nourishes the skin and stimulates the renewal of skin cells. 5f732c2402c3aAlmond oilsโ€™ ability to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin is equally important to healthy natural skin care. Inflammation of the skin can be reduced and even restored by using almond oil. Beside skin conditions such as acne or eczema, almond oil supports to combat an itchy or irritated skin, skin rashes, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Whether you just need to moisturize your skin and improve its appearance or want to limit aesthetic damage (such as stretch marks) using almond oil with its โ€œrejuvenating propertiesโ€ will have an astonishing effect on your overall skin condition.

Moreover, almond oil is ideal as a soothing massage oil.

Almond oil for a pampering Massage

5f732c78a79cfIts healing and powerful effect makes almond oil ideal for nourishing massages. Almond oil is slowly absorbed by the skin, therefore feeding it well during massage, and does not leave an oily layer. Although this oil is very suitable for almost any skin type at any age, it especially is beneficial for dry and mature skin, or the sensitive (baby) skin.

Almond oil in its pure form is a carrier oil, which means it should be made suitable for massage by adding your personal favourite essential oil.ย 

The purpose of the essential oil is to provide the intended effect to the massage, so adjust the almond oil to the type of massage that is desired. For example, you can choose for a relaxing massage or an uplifting, a sensual or romantic one, a massage against muscle pain or against colds etc. etc. The possibilities are endless.ย 

The pleasant side effect of the added essential oil to almond oil, is the accompanying aroma, completing and filling all senses.

Indulge your Hair with almond oil5f732bad9c9f8

In order to nourish your hair and protect it from environmental influences, or to easily revive dull and unhealthy hair is to simply apply almond oil and your hair will be shiny and radiant again. The vitamin E contained in almond oil acts as a medicine against dandruff and eczema on the scalp, while the oleic acid content can support men in their battle against baldness.5f732cce10634

Almond oil can also be used as an excellent substitute for hair conditioner!

When applying almond oil to the hair, start at the hairs ends and gradually work your way up towards the scalp. Just a few drops will be sufficient.ย 

Simply start using Almond Oil and determine the benefits it can have on Your Health and overall feeling of well-being!


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