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 Journey into the world of perfumery

A bit of history

The history of perfumery began in ancient times in Egypt – the country of the pyramids. It is in Egypt that you need to look for the secrets of creating the first incense.
The very first fragrances had not so much aesthetic as religious significance. They were used in various rituals, setting the minds of people to communicate with the gods. In ancient Egypt, there were many local cults dedicated to certain deities, of which there were quite a lot.

1Aromas at that time played a special role, they accompanied a person in life and saw them off to another world. With the help of aromatic oils, they honoured the gods and performed ablutions during prayers. The composition of incense was supposed not only to emphasise the individuality of a person, but also to convey to the gods his thoughts and intentions.

Initially, Egyptian perfumery used natural plant aromas, such as aromas of myrrh, frankincense, cypress, juniper, mastic tree. These fragrances were especially revered in the temples, they were considered the best means for uplifting the soul. In those days, for the production of aromas, technologies such as pomace, digestion of plants were used. The process of steam distillation, which produces the best essential oils, was still unknown to the ancient Egyptians. To flavour the air, fragrant resins, fruits, wood, and spices were used in the form of small balls suspended over a fire source. In the city of the Sun, Heliopolis, rituals were performed dedicated to the god Ra: different incense was used three times a day, at sunrise – amber resin, at noon – myrrh, at sunset – a mixture of several components, including myrrh, saffron, juniper, fenugreek and others incense, this mixture was called “kufi”, which means “welcome to the gods”.

Aromatic oils were also used for medicinal purposes. Pharaoh Amenhotep III
(1405-1367 BC) wrote, “Oil is a medicine for the body.” The smell of myrrh was clearly felt at the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen. Some recipes for aromatic compositions are carved in hieroglyphs on the walls of ancient perfume laboratories, and some of them are still used today.2

Aromas were used not only for religious purposes and to cure ailments. They were simply enjoyed, with them they experienced a feeling of love, joy, aromas had the properties of aphrodisiacs, they seduced, enchanted and excited. But the desire to like was expensive. One gram of myrrh was equivalent in value to the same weight of gold.

The ancient Egyptians were known for producing luxurious, exotic fragrances. Entire cities specialised in the production of fragrances, in particular Alexandria and Mendes. Perfumes were supplied throughout the Mediterranean.

Ancient Egyptian perfumes were mixtures of fat and incense and were placed on the head at the start of the day. Gradually, the fat melted under the hot sun, the essential oils evaporated, exuding a pleasant aroma. Incense was also applied to the body.

3Queen Cleopatra was a skilled creator of fragrances, who always smelled fragrant with fragrances created by her own hands. It is known from history that the first meeting of Cleopatra and Antony was preceded by her arrival on a ship, the sails of which were saturated with incense and their aroma conquered Anthony’s heart from afar.
Since there was little vegetation in hot Egypt, most of the aromatic substances had to be imported from other countries. For example, myrrh and frankincense – from Arabia, sandalwood – from India or Ceylon, cinnamon and vanilla – from Libya and the Middle East.

Raw materials for modern perfumery

The raw materials for the production of fragrant substances are flower petals, leaves, fruits and roots of ethereal plants. Essential oils are obtained from them by steam distillation. Some of them are used as independent fragrant substances, for example, rose, violet, geranium, sandalwood oil. Some are used as infusions, such as patchouli leaves, coriander seeds. These plant-derived ingredients make up the bulk of the perfume. To fix the aroma, fragrant substances of animal origin are used, which include amber and musk. Although raw materials of animal origin are more expensive than other components, it is its presence (or absence) that determines the quality of perfumes.

Synthetic fragrances are also chemically produced from plant ingredients, which makes it possible to obtain aromas that have no analogues in nature.
Plants from which essences for aromatic compositions are produced are grown on special plantations and cultivated according to ancient technologies, without the use of chemical fertilisers.
4Also, according to ancient technologies, the production of oils takes place.
Modern Egypt continues to use all these unique natural ingredients in its perfume recipes and even exports some of them to Europe.

It is rare that someone who has been in Egypt does not bring with him a few glass bottles with aromas as a souvenir. Many of them have a purely national flavour. The aromas of Egyptian oils are quite persistent, felt on the wrists the next day and even after taking a shower. On clothes, fragrances remain even after washing.

Essences are bottled in glass bottles, simple, elegant and inexpensive, which allows you to buy more fragrances without overpaying for the luxury of bottles.
But for beauty lovers, there are very beautiful crystal and inlaid bottles, as well as unusual handmade glass bottles.

5Essences can be easily turned into perfumes by mixing them with alcohol (96%). Fans of experimentation can even create their own perfume compositions by mixing several aromatic oils and adding an alcohol base to them. For example, you can take amber (or sandalwood) oil and mix it with flower oil or with a ready-made perfume composition.

Here you can find a variety of floral fragrances. Here are some of them:

Lotus symbolises prosperity, rebirth, purity and enlightenment.
Jasmine – symbolises female kindness and tenderness, it is also a means of attracting romance and wealth into your life.
Lilac – its aroma evokes a feeling of joy, brings inner harmony and a calming atmosphere, and also opens you to new love.
Rose – its aroma soothes, balances, uplifts and boosts self-confidence.
Geranium – a sweet and floral fragrance, reminiscent of a rose but with more citrus notes, symbolises friendship, meetings, love and sadness.
Lily of the valley – its wonderful sweet aroma symbolises absolute purity, freshness, sincerity and restraint, personifies happiness.
Violet – sweet, soothing powdery fragrance reduces stress and anxiety and symbolises truth and loyalty.
Gardenia – has a sweet heady aroma that tickles all your scent buds, it’s a real invitation to stick your nose into one of these wonderful flowers and remember pleasant summer evenings. 

6 These essences should be applied to the pulse points of the wrists, crooks of the elbows, temples, neck and behind the ears. You can use them without mixing with each other. You can add fragrant essences to the cream, shampoo, bath.

Traditional Egyptian perfume compositions are divided into male and female.

Some women’s fragrances7 1

Secret of the Desert  –  intense spicy oriental fragrance. A classic fragrance, great for the evening, especially for experienced seductresses.
Priestess of Love – dense aroma enveloping waves of oriental spices and vanilla, fantastically rich, bright, very attractive, feminine, attractive and exotic.
Queen Nefertiti  –  floral fruity fragrance. For a romantic, elegant woman. With this fragrance, a woman magically attracts men to her. The sensual fragrance of the perfume emphasises the life-affirming feminine beauty and attraction, the perfect perfume for a woman
5 secrets  –  fresh floral and woody fragrance. Its strong but not intrusive nature makes it mysterious, accompanying you throughout the day. An elegant and magical fragrance. This is a gift through the centuries to a modern woman. After the first fruity nuances, the variety of floral notes, combined with a subtle woody aroma, captivates the senses of both the owner of the fragrance and their surroundings.
Queen Cleopatra  –  delightful floral fresh scent. Suitable for all day use. This fragrance, created on the basis of oriental floral notes, gives a feeling of spring and is suitable for an emotional, sensual and sexy woman. The fragrance was created for the queen living in every woman!
Secret of the Desert (black)  –  oriental spicy-sweet aroma. Oriental spices and sweetness of fruits, warm nuances of coffee and vanilla. This fragrance is suitable for all day and for any season of the year.
Cairo  –  an excellent perfume for an experienced seductress. A noble, slightly heavy floral note makes this fragrance perfect for a romantic evening. Your counterpart is sure to love it!

Some men’s fragrances8

Amon Ra  – fresh, fruity, tart aroma. An ideal masculine fragrance for everyday use, with long lasting freshness and a slightly tart touch. This fragrance will accompany you throughout the day.
Omar Khayyam  – spicy, woody, heavy aroma. A seductive masculine fragrance for the open, purposeful man. Ideal for long disco evenings. Surrounds a man with an irresistible aura.
Tutankhamun – fresh, spicy-sweet aroma. Specially designed for the young athletic man. With its fresh fragrance, it is especially reminiscent of sports, leisure and is a welcome companion for the whole day.
Secret of the Nile – fragrance with green, bitter woody notes. Fresh, clean, daring aroma, reminiscent of the smells of forests, grass, flowers, heated pine groves.

Some types of fragrances can act as aphrodisiacs, this applies to those that contain patchouli, white or red musk, vanilla and some other ingredients.
We have listed only a small part of our range of delightful perfumes and fragrances.

Whichever fragrance you choose, remember that perfumery is not only perfume. Please note that perfumes are sold in various forms, that is, the same fragrance can be in the form of essence, oil perfume, eau de parfum and eau de toilette.
If you choose a fragrance for yourself, then try it in different versions – first on a paper blotter, then on the skin. Walk with this fragrance for several hours to feel how it opens up on your skin, how pleasant it is for you, or vice versa.

Perfumes are the perfect gift, easy to choose and easy to buy.




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