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Black Seed Honey

Black Seed Honey


Strengthens and supports the immune system, strengthens the body, prevents diseases and is widely used in a complex treatment of various diseases prevention and treatment.

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Viral infections

Excellent treatment in variety colds and viral infections (upper respiratory tract inflammation, rhinitis, sinusitis, dry cough, asthma, bronchitis), remove their symptoms, promotes perspiration.


Acts as mild antioxidant, cleanses the organism (the circulatory system, liver, kidney, gallbladder), eliminates toxins, protects against cancer (mildly inhibits cancer cells proliferation). Best used as a substitute for glucose.


Helps with intestinal gastric and intestinal ulcers, diarrhea, cough suppression, with iron deficiency in the blood. Contains lots of vitamins, minerals, protein, organic and amino acids. Promotes lactation. Black seed honey has an excellent antimicrobial property. Regulates blood pressure.


As black seed oil gives a full body cleaning and increases immune system until the highest level, therefore black seed honey gives a support and keeps the effect of both more longer.

Skin care

Black seed honey mask, cosmetic wraps, salt-honey scrub, gives your skin smoothness, softness and helps in the treatment of skin diseases.


Children aged 1-6 years half teaspoon. Adults 1 -2 teaspoons 3 times daily. Used with caution during pregnancy.