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Marjoram Honey

Marjoram Honey


Marjoram honey successfully used to treat depression, neurasthenia . Widely used in insomnia and mental imbalance disorders. Has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties, helps in viral and colds prevention and treatment.

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Has unique mild taste and aroma, while acting alone as relaxing remedy. Marjoram honey successfully used for nervous tension removing, has relaxing effect, relieves headaches, dizziness. Helps to treat stomach and intestinal ulcers. Improves digestion and cleanses the body from the slag.

Viral infections

Marjoram honey is an ideal treatment for colds and viral diseases. Soothes dry cough, heals runny nose, and helps during asthma attack. Has antiseptic properties used as a part of treatment in viral and oral cavity diseases. The best result found in rhino sinusitis treatment.


Nutraceuticals,found in large doses, provide health improvement and ensure Marjoram honey power in protection from free radicals and harmful effect of the environment.


Marjoram honey is highly recommended in seasonal allergies.

Sleeping disorders

Treatment of insomnia: herbal tea with two teaspoons of marjoram honey taken 20 minutes before bedtime, ensure quiet and deep sleep.

Skin care

Marjoram honey mask, cosmetic wraps, sugar-honey scrub, will give your skin smoothness, softness and beauty.


Gastrointestinal ulcers: 2-3 teaspoons of marjoram honey dissolved in warm boiled water drink before a meal. Colds and viral diseases: 2 teaspoons marjoram honey 3 times a day (drink with warm herbal tea).