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Introduction to Natural Hair Care

Every day, our hair is exposed to many harsh elements, over time these elements can have a savage effect on the condition and health of our hair. Without proper care and by using standard chemical based products everyday such as shampoo, conditioners and styling products, to even daily sun exposure (UV rays), dyeing and heat styling, you will start to see hair health diminish and what will appear is dull static, frizzy flyaway hair thatโ€™s brittle, with split ends and extreme dryness, maybe even experiencing hair loss. The scalp can also suffer during this exposure and may even become sore and dry, leading to flaky skin and dandruff.

Using natural products and oils on your hair can greatly improve hair health and structure without any added abrasive and artificial hair damaging chemicals. You will find hair is softer, stronger, shiny and protected due to the multiple nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids that penetrate and care for the hair from root to tip. The scalp and dandruff will also be treated and will be restored to a good and comfortable condition.