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Top Picks for Nail Health

The nails and cuticles are very easy to neglect in a busy lifestyle. They are subjected to so much in our daily routine – washing dishes, the weather, and over the past year, the necessitated constant handwashing and exposure to chemical sanitisers. All of this can have a drying effect on the nails and cuticles, […]


The top five oils every woman deserves in her life….

Its said that women are the “weaker sex” but I’m not sure there are many women who would agree with this. Physically maybe, but mentally and for pain endurance, absolutely not! From puberty begins the monthly menstruation, ending with the inevitable menopause, and somewhere in between there is a strong possibility of pregnancy and breastfeeding […]


Five Immune Boosters to Keep You Healthy

Our immune system is the body’s control centre against attack from outside sources. When an invader is detected our immune system sends out  “soldiers” from one of its dedicated armies of defenders, with each unit specialised against a certain threat, whether it be bacteria, viral, fungal, toxic, etc, in order to neutralise the invader. Therefore […]


The Anti-Snoring Effect

Are you a snorer? Or are you living with a snorer?  You’re not alone! Research indicates that 25% of adults are habitual snorers, whilst as many as 45% snore occasionally. So what causes it? Snoring occurs when you progress from a light to deep sleep, and the muscles in the roof of your mouth, throat […]

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Five Top Oils for His Total Health and Sexual Wellbeing

Nature has provided us with an abundance of natural products which can do so much for our health and wellbeing, in addition to wonderful benefits for the skin and hair. Whilst most men may assume that these products are mainly a “woman thing”, and choose the gym as their preferred healthy option, natural products are suitable […]


Natural vs Synthetic – The choice is clear!

The natural cosmetics industry unofficially began back in 10,000 BC when Ancient Egyptians would use scented oils and ointments to care for their hair and skin, and mask unpleasant body odours. Natural oils and potions were an integral part of their lifestyle for beauty and health, and had a place within most rituals. As beauty […]


Sandalwood Oil as a Natural Cosmetic

The truly most revered contribution of ancient India to the world is the manifold and – above all – beneficial uses of sandalwood and sandalwood oil. Sandalwood has been a significant part of Indian mythology, culture and rituals. The heartwood of the tree, as well as the paste made from its wood, was considered sacred. […]


Wheat Germ Oil – Nutritional Value

Grain, flour, bread, cereals … the most common food products in our everyday diets, that have been around since the beginning of mankind. Archaeological finds indicate the cultivation of grain in the “Cradle of Civilization”, also known as the “Fertile Crescent”. A boomerang-shaped part of the Middle East – spanning from the western fringes of […]


Fenugreek (Helba) for Women’s Health

A need-to-know woman secret! The 100% natural oil obtained from the ancient herb Fenugreek has a wide range of health benefits. How women in particular can take advantage of its healing properties. The healing properties of fenugreek was used in Ancient Egypt to treat burns, stimulate childbirth and embalming mummies. Hippocrates, as early as 500 […]

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Coconut Oil and its Benefits for Hair and Skin

Introduction to Coconut Oil Also referred to as a “Superfood” with many different culinary and cosmetic uses, coconut oil is super easy to use, whether it’s in a white waxy like solid or a clear liquid form. With a melting point at approximately 24 °C (76 °F), you can keep it in the refrigerator if […]

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