Let Your Beard Grow

The beard, sometimes referred to as a sign of masculinity, and at other times believed to be a sign of uncouthness or rebellion, has been making a huge comeback over recent years, and it’s estimated that today approximately 55% of men worldwide have some sort of facial hair. But whatโ€™s the reason for this latest […]


An overview of the top 7 oils for dry skin

The skin is one of the most important organs in our body. It shapes our appearance, gives a feeling of touch, warmth or cold, and protects against infection. Only moisturized skin looks good and performs its functions. Without water, the metabolic processes in the skin slow down, and the skin loses its ability to function […]

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Five Top Oils for His Total Health and Sexual Wellbeing

Nature has provided us with an abundance of natural products which can do so much for our health and wellbeing, in addition to wonderful benefits for the skin and hair.ย Whilst most men may assume that these products are mainly a โ€œwoman thingโ€, and choose the gym as their preferred healthy option, natural products are suitable […]


Natural vs Synthetic – The choice is clear!

The natural cosmetics industry unofficially began back in 10,000 BC when Ancient Egyptians would use scented oils and ointments to care for their hair and skin, and mask unpleasant body odours. Natural oils and potions were an integral part of their lifestyle for beauty and health, and had a place within most rituals. As beauty […]


Fenugreek (Helba) for Womenโ€™s Health

A need-to-know woman secret! The 100% natural oil obtained from the ancient herb Fenugreek has a wide range of health benefits. How women in particular can take advantage of its healing properties. The healing properties of fenugreek was used in Ancient Egypt to treat burns, stimulate childbirth and embalming mummies. Hippocrates, as early as 500 […]

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Coconut Oil and its Benefits for Hair and Skin

Introduction to Coconut Oil Also referred to as a โ€œSuperfoodโ€ with many different culinary and cosmetic uses, coconut oil is super easy to use, whether itโ€™s in a white waxy like solid or a clear liquid form. With a melting point at approximately 24 ยฐC (76 ยฐF), you can keep it in the refrigerator if […]


Sesame Seed Oil – Pure as Nature

Archaeological excavations indicate that sesame seed oil is one of the oldest oilseed crops known to date. Findings show the first domestication of sesame seed in the Indian region, dating back far before 3000 BC. The Sesamum (Sesame) plant has several species – many of them wild – most of which originate the sub-Saharan areas […]


12 Health Advantages of Fenugreek Oil

What is Fenugreek? ย The fenugreek plant is known by many names, such as helba, shambhala, chaman, goat shamrock, hilbe and others. Fenugreek is an annual plant from the legume family and it grows in Western Asia and the Mediterranean. It is a truly a multi-purpose herb that has been used for thousands of years to […]


Pumpkin Seed Oil for Healthy Kidneys

It’s that time of year again – now summer definitely is over and fall has set in, many of us are preparing for the annual Halloween festivities that originated as the end-of-year harvest festival and the coming of winter. The ‘scary’ image that Halloween has, has always been emphasized by beautifully carved and illuminated pumpkins. […]

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5 Essential oils That Will Help You to Sleep like A Baby

Are you also one of the persons suffering from sleep disorders? Sleep disorders usually do not stop by themselves, but the problem of “becoming independent” develops. This means that our brain takes it for granted (as opposed to constant pain). That is why it is particularly important to break the vicious circle of sleep disorders. […]

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