Natural Oils for general health care

By educating known nutritionists, we now know that there are different natural oils that are essential for maintaining and promoting our health.

The quality of oils depends on the production of the oils. It is important to pay attention to the note “Cold pressed oil”, because refining means heating and thus killing important nutrients.

Cold pressed manufacturing process preserves the important ingredients in natural oil. During the cold press process, healthy oils are pressed out of the respective seeds using a press. The type of machine determines the level of quality of the oil.

As some presses develop cold pressing but heat during production, Nefertitiย  oils and herbs used in a special process by cooling the machines with water to produce a completely “cold pressed natural oil”.

In most cases, natural oils are known as vegetable oils. These are used for the production of salads, cooking, and skin care such as for the manufacture of cosmetics.

For some time, we have been alarmed by numerous of information, about the side effects of chemical products, to cure our diseases and thank God we remember again the healing power of nature.ย ย 

We present some natural oils for health problems which are important for our general health:

Top oils for health problems:

Cold pressed natural black seed oil:

One of the most well-known natural oils has been used for more than 2000 years to treat a variety of different diseases.

Black seed one of oils for immune health

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However, we should not wait for a disease can “catch us”. The regular intake of cold-pressed black seed oil increases our immune system and protects against diseases, especially against allergies. Asthma patient helps the antispasmodic and mucus-reducing property of the oil.

Black seed oil contains analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties and helps with sleep disorders, high blood pressure, prevents the growth of tumor cells and enhances well-being during chemotherapy. In type 2 diabetes patients, it helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is one of the best oils for health.

In case of acne and atopic dermatitis an external application acts as a treat. The ingredients of black seed act as a natural remedy and relieve the discomfort.

What helps for psoriasis? Black seed oil also alleviates the effects of psoriasis by strengthening the immune system.

Everyone now knows that skin and hair is the reflection of the soul. But not only stress, but also nutrient deficiency ensures brittle dull hair and hair loss. A long-term regular intake of cold-pressed native black seed oil provides our hair with the necessary nutrients. Black seed oil regulates sebum production and creates a flawless complexion.

Rucola oil:

The high number of vitamins in Rucola oil (vitamins, B, C, E and K) and its minerals, folic acid, as well as antioxidants make it valuable oil for healthy nutritional supplements. Especially during pregnancy folic acid is important for cell division and regular consumption of Rucola oil is highly recommended. Its immune-enhancing, antibacterial and antiviral properties, as well as the vital element of vitamin K (brain and bone) make it superfood oil.

You plan to reduce your weight? Which oils help with weight loss Rucola oil helps you! It is used to accelerate metabolism while at the same time supplying the body with all important substances.

Walnut oil:

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Like Rucola oil, cold-pressed walnut oil contains a high amount of folic acid. Walnut oil, with its polyunsaturated and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, B, E, many minerals, carbohydrates and protein-containing oil become an ideal source of nutrients.

Many children suffer from concentration problems. Prepare a salad with walnut oil and your kids will get everything they need for a healthy start to school life.

Fenugreek Oil (Helba): This oil (not only) for the female body! The ingredients of this millennium-old plant have been used by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks for healing purposes. Its oil helps with skin inflammations (in case of abscesses and rashes by means of baths or cold poultices), in case of pain due to endometriosis (menstruation problems). Fenugreek oil mixed with coconut oil helps as a hair cure for hair loss and flaky scalp.

Its appetizing function helps in underweight and studies have proven that Helba oil regulates blood sugar levels.

Pumpkin Seed Oil: This oil (not only) for the male body! The salutary properties of pumpkin seed oil help against inflammation of the prostate and avoid their enlargement with regular consumption. The savory oil protects the bladder, helps against elevated blood pressure and blood lipid levels (cholesterol). Pumpkin Seed Oil contains the essential vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, as well as many minerals.

Externally applied pumpkin seed acts against cracked skin.

These are some top oils for good health of our offer. Nefertiti oils and herbs produce its natural oils as well as essential oils for health in own factory Fayum Egypt under constant control. This applies to the quality assurance of our products. Pay attention to the purchase of our label with certificates! We distribute our products in our own shops in Egypt, as well as in our online shop!

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