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7 best oils for your skin

Since our skin is our largest organ, which is spiked with millions of nerve cells, it needs special attention and care. The nerve cells react to cold in winter and dryness in summer (often through the use of air conditioning) and sun damage.

Natural and essential oils have achieved a high ranking in natural cosmetics, since the awareness of the side effects of chemical care products has since been awakened.

We will give you some tips on how to care for your skin with our natural and essential oils. It should be noted that there are different skin types as well as different types of oils. We distinguish between dry and non-dry oils.

Dry oils, such as Argan oil and jojoba oil contain a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and are absorbed by the skin very quickly.

Non-dry oils, such as wheat germ oil or coconut oil have more saturated fat and are richer in nutrients. They leave a slight film of grease on the skin and slow down.

In addition, some oils seal the pores, others not. This differs by the different comedogenicity of the oils. For example, dry and mature skin can tolerate strong comedogenic oil, whereas a combination skin can tolerate only slightly comedogenic oil. Oily and impure skin should therefore only be treated with non-comedogenic oils.

Here are some examples  which oils are suitable for your skin

Oils on dry skin


You have a very dry skin? Your skin forms flabby, tense, forms dry wrinkles? Then you should care for your skin with rich oils like:

Coconut oil is one of the best oils for dry skin types. Its high content of fatty acids provides the dry skin perfectly and at the same time has a calming and antibacterial effect. (To be mixed with facial care)

Olive oil, works because of its high number of different unsaturated fatty acids and its vitamin A content, very hydrating and nourishing. It is also ideal as anti-aging oil.

Wheat germ oil is also oil which is suitable for the care of dry skin. However, it should be mixed for facial care and applied to, for example, treatment of cracked skin on the feet.

Oils in combination skin and impure skin

normalYour skin has impurities and large pores? Then you tend to have combination or slightly oily skin and should choose special oils that will soothe, cleanse, disinfect and, at the same time, care for your skin:

Grape seed oil, which is one of the lightest oils. Its high vitamin E and K content, as well as omega 6 content and its antioxidant effect,  bring your skin back into balance. It will smoothes the skin, without clogging the pores.

Jojoba oil, the most compatible oil, has been used for skin care and for the treatment of skin diseases since time immemorial. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents make it oil that is suitable for all skin types.

Tea tree oil is a miracle cure for pimples and acne and fungal attack. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action is so strong that it can only be applied topically to the skin in undiluted form. Mixed with a carrier oil (a few drops are enough), it is also suitable for large-scale treatment.

Oils on sensitive skin

women sensitive skin new Skin care for sensitive skin is not always easy. However, do not hesitate, here too, the range of oils offers relief. The following oils have a soothing effect and relieve skin irritation, itching and redness.

Almond oil, the classic skin care product, reduces the appearance of scars and pigment spots with its regenerating properties. It also calms irritated skin. Almond oil has a pleasant fragrance and is suitable as a carrier and massage oil. Almond oil is even suitable for baby care.

Argan oil is pure miracle oil. It contains the highest level of nourishing ingredients which have a regenerating and moisturizing effect on the complexion. With regular use, it helps to prevent pregnancy scars and reduce existing scars. In addition, Argan oil is perfect anti-aging oil.

Natural skin peeling before start skin care with oils

In any case, thorough cleansing before skin care with natural and essential oils is very important. Facials and body scrubs made from natural ingredients are suitable for this purpose. (Visit our Nefertiti shop here you will find the most diverse natural peeling masks for every skin type)

Another tip: Basically you should apply oils for skin care always on the moist skin, preferably after showering. About the still moist skin, the oil combines to a regular emulsion and thus penetrates deep into the skin. As a result, the skin does not appear oily.

Nefertiti oils & herbs offer you the right skincare product for every skin type. Our products come from organic natural cultivation in own breeding of plants and own production, until bottling in Fayoum Egypt. We sell exclusively natural products with 100% quality in our shops in Egypt and in our online shop.

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