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Chocolate – Good for the soul, and the skin!!

Did you know that it’s World Chocolate Day on 7th July? Yes, the “food of the Gods”, which is made from the dried, fermented seeds of the Cacao Tree (Theobroma cacao) actually has it’s own celebration day to commemorate its introduction to Europe in 1550. Now that’s a pretty good excuse to indulge! Not forgetting […]


Get the most out of Argan Oil This Summer

For centuries, argan oil has been treasured in its native Morocco for its ability to protect the hair and skin against the harsh and damaging desert environment, as well as its further beauty benefits. It’s no mistake that it’s also known there as “liquid gold”. With its immense revitalising capabilities for the hair and skin, […]


Summer Survival Secrets of Peppermint

It’s official! Summer has finally arrived! After dreaming of summer during the cold winter months, are you now obsessing over how to stay cool?  Whether you’re baking yourself by the pool or on the beach, or simply going about your normal routine, no one wants to resemble a melting snowman! While an entire summer of […]


Tips for Going Blonde This Summer Without Ruining Your Hair

 Summer is finally here and many people like to take this opportunity to lighten up their hair and give themselves sun-kissed locks, whilst others like to take it to the extreme and bleach their hair blonde. This is a step which shouldn’t be taken lightly. The process of bleaching the hair is extremely difficult to […]


Spotlight on Lotus Oil

LOTUS OIL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION       The lotus plant is native to Asia, Persia, North Africa and Oceania, although it is now cultivated in water gardens all over the world. The plant is considered sacred in many cultures. An integral part of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, its unique blooming pattern saw it become the symbol of the […]


Top Tips For Strong Summer Nails

As temperatures rise, most people acknowledge the possibility of sun damage to their hair and skin, and often look at either enhancing or amending their usual beauty regime to ensure some added protection. But what about the nails? Often overlooked, they too require extra attention in the summer months to prevent them from becoming brittle […]


Spotlight on Rose Oil

ROSE OIL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  The rose, also known as Queen of the Garden and the flower of heaven has been used since ancient times for its therapeutic properties. The oldest records we have show that they were known to man over 5000 years ago, and fossils prove that they have existed for more than 40 […]


Spotlight on Violet Oil

VIOLET OIL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Violet has been used for thousands of years for both it’s flavouring and its therapeutic properties. It is believed that violet was first cultivated by the Ancient Greeks in 500 BC, who made it the symbol of Athens and used it extensively in food recipes, wine, love potions and medicine. Medieval […]


Spotlight on Lavender Oil

LAVENDER OIL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  When you think of lavender, the picture that most likely comes to mind is common lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), also known as English lavender. Despite the name it is not native to England and was introduced there by the Romans, and instead originated from the Mediterranean region, northeast Africa, and southwestern Asia. […]


Gorgeous on the Go – Your Essential Travel Pack.

With summer about to burst onto the scene, we can finally get excited about our summer vacation, particularly after the disruption to travel over the past couple of years. Although travelling may be exciting, it can also be stressful on the nerves and body, what with travel delays, anxiety regarding flying or visiting a new […]

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