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Trend of 2019: Essential Oils Accessories

The popularity of essential oils has increased with the knowing about their positive active ingredients. This has inspired some inventors to develop unique uses for essential oils in daily use.

Depending on your own needs and you can now purchase different diffuser.

We, Nefertiti, offer a variety of essential oils to all these diffusers.

Essential oils diffusers as room fragrance fresheners

Room fragrances have long been used by clever business people to animate their customers’ desire to buy. In their shops, diffusers with essential oil blends are giving customers a relaxed climate and, at the same time, a good shopping experience.

Essential oils diffusers

Essential oils diffuser

So, among other things, essential oil diffuser for the car help to get a fresh scent in your car at all times. Preferably for smokers!

Also essential oils can be used as diffusers for the home. Choose one of the popular Nefertiti essential oils to create a pleasant fragrance with the latest generation of diffusers for your home. There are many different types of diffusers, which offer you the opportunity to add a decorative piece for your apartment. Depending on location: bath, kitchen or living room, you can choose different form.

Diffusers for essential oils for healing therapy

At the same time you can use Nefertiti essential oils with diffuser for healing therapy. Especially during the winter. Such oils as: eucalyptus oil, marjoram oil, tea tree oil will help you to relieve colds. Also you can use your diffuser with Nefertiti oils in the sleeping area to eliminate sleep disorders.

Jewelry with diffusers for essential oils

The latest additions to the market in essential oil accessories are essential oil felt pads, which can be soaked with any kind of essential oil. So you can always carry your favorite fragrance with you, because, as is known, essential oils are the basis of any good perfume. In this сase, you can easily combine your favorite jewelry with your favorite fragrance. For example, you can buy necklaces in different colors and combine them with your favorite clothes.

Essential oil felt pads

Essential oil felt pads

A matching essential oil bracelet to the necklace? Again, there are several variations on the market to top up your jewelry box with beautiful bracelets, which will carry your favorite essential oil fragrance.

There is a possibility also to have always your favorite perfume of essential oils beside with a variety of mini diffusers for the handbag. Use all these opportunities to always carry the fragrance that suits you best.

Are you looking for a gift idea ?

Visit our Nefertiti Online Store or one of our Nefertiti shops to find the right essential oil for everyone and every occasion. Important! With Nefertiti essential oils, you will get 100% quality, because of our own cultivation of the plants (without chemical additives), production facilities under constant supervision and permanent control till the sale. Buy directly from the producer! And remember, even men love perfumes !

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