Benefits of sesame oil, which you didn’t know about

Sesame seed has been known for a long time. In South Asia, traces of sesame were found in the soil, which had an age of more than 5,000 years. Even the ancient Egyptians used sesame as a spice, as well as Chinese. It is still used today because of its nutty flavor, to refine food.

Worldwide, sesame oil has gained a high level of popularity through its versatility. In addition to the use as cooking oil or for the production of margarine, it is also used in natural medicine as a widely used oil.

The extraction of sesame oil

Sesame comes mainly from tropical and subtropical growing areas and can therefore be harvested several times over the whole year. The high-quality sesame oil is obtained in various ways from the seeds:

By cold pressing process all the ingredients are preserved and produce sesame oil of a 100% quality. In case of refined sugar, the heat is added during pressing to extend its shelf life, so it loses taste, odor and some important elements of sesame oil.

There are three types of sesame oil at the market. The pale yellow from white, natural seeds, and the darker, what is obtained from white, roasted seeds and therefore receives its nutty smell and taste. In addition, the black sesame oil from black seeds, which is the original form of sesame seeds. The black sesame oil is richer in nutrients and active components.

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White sesame seeds

Ingredients and effects of sesame oil

Sesame oil has a positive effect on our health due to its high content of unsaturated linoleic acid. This ensures: strengthening the teeth, strengthening the heart muscle, lowering blood lipid levels and preventing osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis.

Sesame oil, as a triglyceride, provides more energy than carbohydrates and proteins. Its antioxidant activity slows down the aging of body cells and its content of vitamins, minerals is good addition for a healthy diet.

Usage of sesame oil

Sesame oil good for the skin

Sesame oil nourishes the skin down to the deeper layers. With its content of vitamin A and E, estrogens and lecithin, sesame oil protects the skin from drying out, without clogging the pores. Regular use of sesame oil during pregnancy prevents the formation of stretch marks. In addition, sesame oil is suitable for the treatment of acne. The vitamins contained in sesame oil protect against harmful invaders and thus sesame oil acts as an antioxidant. As a sensitive oil, sesame oil is excellent suitable for baby care.

Sesame oil for the hair

The vitamin E in sesame oil and the other nutrients contained help with scalp and hair care. Sesame oil gives back dull hair shine and the antibacterial property of sesame oil counteracts scalp disease. Regular use of sesame oil helps against hair loss. Another great property! Sesame oil delays the graying.

Tips on Storing The Sesame Oil
Sesame oil for cooking

Other uses of sesame oil for health care

Sesame oil in Ayurveda: A popular oil for Ayurveda applications is the sesame oil. It’s used for a massage in a specific areas of the body to stimulate body functions.

Sesame oil for the forehead massage: Here is used warm sesame oil, which flows from 10 cm height as a continuous stream over the forehead. This is used to treat stress, migraines, as well as facial paralysis. Thus, serotonin is formed which contributes to calm.

Sesame oil strengthens teeth and bones: sesame oil balances the calcium and magnesium level. The use of sesame oil in the kitchen for food preparation is also recommended for menopausal women to prevent osteoporosis.

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