Everything about grey hair

Sooner or later, whether to a greater or lesser extent, we will all have to deal with greying hair. Like the other outward appearances that accompany ageing, we have two choices – fight it or embrace it. One thing is paramount: you cannot prevent turning grey. So, now that that’s out in the open, we […]


The fight against dandruff

Skin cells are constantly renewing, including on the scalp. New cells are formed under the skin, at the top the old cells are released in the form of small flakes. In normal skin, these flakes are small and (almost) invisible. Eczema occurs when this renewal process is faster than normal, causing more flakes to appear. At […]


Treat oily hair and scalp naturally

Some have it all their lives, others can suddenly suffer from it later – greasy hair – one of the most common hair problems. Certainly not elegant for your outward appearance and certainly not for your sense of self-confidence.  You’ve started the day with a freshly washed hairstyle, but halfway through the day your hair […]


Dry & Damaged Hair

Does your hair feel soft, full and thick when you run your hands through it? Does the mirror reflect that shiny and healthy head of hair you want? Or do you have to admit that what you feel and see is less desirable? Brittle and dry hair is the reality for many, not to mention […]

Best Oils for Better Hair

Five Best Oils for Better Hair

Healthy hair requires a healthy scalp, and for thousands of years, natural oils have been used for hair care, caring for the scalp and the hair simultaneously. However, since the turn of the twentieth century, they have taken a back seat as chemically enhanced hair products became commercially available. Today, with a wider knowledge regarding […]

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