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Get the summer vibe!

As we enter the final month of the official summer period, some of us may find ourselves undertaking yet another staycation. It’s fair to say that the past two summers have pretty much been a wipeout thanks to Covid. We may have had big dreams for this summer which just haven’t come to fruition as we try to recover from the previous disruption to our lives, and find that we just don’t have the vacation time, finances, or even a viable flight possibility, due to the current disruption to many airports and flights. But with the help of essential oils we can bring the outside in and recreate some summer and tropical vibes. 

PIC1 2Get creative and make a blend that reminds you of summers past or, since smell is the greatest memory trigger, make your own unique blend to diffuse as you create some new memories this year. Then, the next time you diffuse your blend you’ll be instantly transported back and relive these memories. Diffusing essential oils is a great way to fragrance the home, lift the mood, and also impart a wealth of health.  

What type of essential oils can you incorporate into your summertime vibe blend?

Vibrant citrus, fragrant florals, and refreshing herbs are the perfect choice for inviting summer into your home. Use one or more of the following oils for the mainstay of your blend, and then create and blend until you have something that represents summer to you.

Refreshing Herbal Essential Oils

Refreshing herbal essential oils are one of the best ways to keep refreshed during the hot summer months. Uplifting and energising, they diminish fatigue and can help with focus, as well as relieving headaches and the symptoms of a cold or flu.

Aroma: Minty, camphorous, sharp medicinal and clean.
Benefits with a diffuser: Has a calming effect on the mind and allays anxiety, reduces stress, mental fatigue and mood disorders. Improves brain function. Clears the mind and improves focus and concentration. Offers respiratory support, and decreases symptoms of hay fever. Repels mosquitoes and other biting insects, and is also effective against moths, flies, bed bugs, cockroaches and rodents.

PIC2 2Aroma: Fresh earthy lemony fragrance.
Benefits with a diffuser: Uplifts a negative mood to prevent depression, and relieve stress, anxiety, irritability, nervousness and lethargy. Strengthens the mind and boosts confidence and self-esteem. Has a sedative effect, relieving tension and promoting calm. Dispels the symptoms of respiratory ailments and also has antihistamine properties to prevent sneezing and nasal congestion. Relieves dizziness, nausea, headaches and fatigue. Repels mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs.

Aroma: Strong menthol fragrance.
Benefits with a diffuser: Eliminates stress, anxiety, fatigue, tiredness, irritability and a bad mood. It relaxes the nervous system, whilst simultaneously invigorating, energising and lifting the mood. Improves focus, concentration, motivation and encourages clear thinking.
Alleviates headaches and migraines, suppresses the feeling of nausea, and benefits respiratory health. Relaxes muscles in the digestive system, facilitates digestion, improves digestive ailments and reduces cramping. Repels cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, mosquitoes and spiders. Find out how peppermint can help with the heat.

Zesty Citrus Essential Oils

The fresh, zingy and uplifting aromas of citrus essential oils are great for improving the mood and relieving stress, anxiety, and nervous tension. They are also known for their ability to relieve respiratory ailments.

Aroma: Light citrusy with floral notes.
Benefits with a diffuser: Soothes the nervous system and relieves anxiety, stress, nervousness and lethargy. Improves mood and confidence, and imparts strength and tranquillity. Prepares the body for sleep by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure, and preventing negative thoughts. Relieves respiratory conditions and deters excessive coughing.

Aroma: Sharp and refreshing.
Benefits with a diffuser: Uplifting and soothing, relieves stress, improves the mood and naturally lowers blood pressure. Increases mental focus, diminishes brain fog, mental fatigue, sleepiness, and low motivation. Helps fight throat and respiratory infections.

Aroma: Sweet and tangy.
Benefits with a diffuser: Enhances and lifts the mood. Calms anxiety, stress and irritation. Revitalises and boosts energy, eliminates fatigue, improves concentration, and promotes mental awareness. Remedies coughs and respiratory ailments, and decreases nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness. Repels ants, cockroaches and spiders.

PIC3 2Aroma: Fresh citrusy.
Benefits with a diffuser: A known mood booster and anxiety calmer, both uplifting and tranquillizing – can be used as a mood and energy booster in the morning, and a relaxant in the evening. Banishes depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, stress, sadness and negative moods, replacing them with peace and harmony. Boosts the mood, promotes mental clarity and motivation, and enhances cognitive function. Induces sleep and enhances sleep quality. Has expectorant properties to prevent nasal and respiratory congestion, and combats a fever, relieves dizziness, and diminishes mental and physical fatigue. Reduces allergy symptoms. 

CAUTION! Please beware of citrus oils’ phototoxicity if applied to the skin.

Fragrant Floral Essential Oils

The floral aroma of essential oils are the perfect way to unwind, de-stress, and relax. They improve the mood and can even help with sleep quality.

Aroma: Rosy floral.
Benefits with a diffuser: Lifts the mood, whilst calming the mind, inspires and energises, offers a sense of positivity, restores confidence, helps with mental focus and improves cognitive function. Eases depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, mood swings, irritability, and sadness, and helps to manage overwhelming emotions such as grief, emotional trauma, mental fatigue and a feeling of hopelessness. Promotes a general sense of relaxation and well-being and allays sleeping disorders due to stress or anxiety. Relieves and treats the symptoms of respiratory diseases, Reduces symptoms of the menopause and PMS. Repels mosquitoes and other insects.

Aroma: Sweet, camphor, woody and herbal.
Benefits with a diffuser: Calms anxiety, nervousness, melancholy, stress and restlessness, and induces relaxation. Helps to lift the spirits when you are feeling emotionally drained. Promotes a good night’s sleep and diminishes insomnia. Reduces blood pressure and heart rate. Alleviates hot flashes in menopause and relieves premenstrual emotional symptoms. Relieves pain from headaches and reduces nausea. Find out more about the most popular essential oil in the world. It’s simply a ‘jack-of-all-trades’.

Aroma: Refreshing and floral.
Benefits with a diffuser: Brings inner harmony, enhances feelings of joy and uplifts the mood. Reduces nerve irritation in the brain to enhance the production of more “feel-good” hormones. A supportive tool for the relief of anxiety, stress, tension, and sadness. Soothes and calms, encourages relaxation.

PIC4 2Aroma: Deep, warm, sweetly floral and slightly spicy.
Benefits with a diffuser: A powerful mood enhancer. Calms and soothes, boosts self-esteem, and balances the emotions. Relieves stress, nerves and mental fatigue. Decreases the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood. Stimulates the release of a chemical called dopamine which is believed to be pivotal in reducing the symptoms of depression. Stimulates the brain to release “feel-good” hormones. Helps to balance the hormones, and alleviates symptoms of PMS and menopause. Rose oil is not just a ‘must have’ for it’s wonderful iconic aroma. Its an absolute powerhouse when it comes to the skin.

Tantalising Tropical Essential Oils

What could be better to transport you off to foreign shores than the exotic scents of tropical oils, improving self-esteem, whilst promoting relaxation. 

Aroma: Sensuous, warm, exotic, intense and sweet.
Benefits with a diffuser: Soothes nervous tension and anxiety, remedies apathy, indifference and listlessness, and elevates feelings of happiness and contentment. Relieves anxiety related sleep disorders. Eases fears and promotes self-confidence and positivity. A known aphrodisiac. Reduces infections in the respiratory system. Relieves symptoms of the menopause and PMS. Promotes or improves lactation in nursing mothers.

Aroma: Light and fresh floral, with a sweet and powdery quality.
Benefits with a diffuser: Cools the nervous system and brings calm, peace of mind and clarity. Improves concentration. Rids the body of anger and negativity. Improves blood circulation. Encourages you to breathe more deeply.

Aroma: Rich, sensual, and earthy.
Benefits with a diffuser: Eases stress, anxiety and fatigue by regulating serotonin. Induces feelings of calm and comfort. Grounds and balances the emotions, clears the mind and increases focus and concentration. Improves insomnia. An aphrodisiac which stimulates hormones to increase libido, and remedies impotency and erectile dysfunction. Eases the symptoms of respiratory ailments. Provides relief from headaches.

Ylang Ylang
PIC5 2Aroma: Sweet, rich, spicy.
Benefits with a diffuser: Relieves anxiety, tension and stress, depression, apathy, increased nervousness and shock. Promotes a positive mood and increases feelings of cheerfulness and optimism. Strengthens the nervous system and reduces diseases exacerbated by nervous overstrain, including asthma, stress, loss of strength, and excessive drowsiness. Banishes negative thoughts and overthinking to help diminish insomnia. Improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and decreases heart rate. Eliminates headaches and migraines. Eases symptoms of PMS and menopause. A known aphrodisiac. Repels flying insects.

Staycation Recipes

Need some inspiration? Why not try one of these blends:

Days Of Summer 💧💧 Orange
💧 Grapefruit
💧 Sandalwood
Exotic Island 💧💧💧 Patchouli oil
💧💧 Ylang Ylang oil
💧 Jasmine
Just Be Happy 💧💧 Bergamot
💧💧 Frankincense

💧💧 Orange

On The Beach 💧💧💧💧 Patchouli oil
💧💧 Orange oil

💧 Ylang Ylang oil

Paradise 💧💧 Orange
💧💧 Sandalwood
💧💧 Grapefruit
Refresh-Mint 💧💧💧 Peppermint Oil
💧💧 Lemon Oil
Summer Bouquet 💧💧 Lavender
💧💧 Bergamont
💧💧 Lemon
💧💧 Geranium 
Summer Relaxation  💧💧💧 Lavender
💧💧 Lemongrass
💧 Peppermint
Sunrays 💧💧 Lemongrass
💧💧 Orange
💧💧 Peppermint
Sunset Chaser 💧💧 Orange
💧💧 Ylang Ylang
💧 Patchouli
💧 Sandalwood
Sunshine 💧💧💧 Orange
💧💧💧 Lemon
💧 Peppermint
Tropical Citrus 💧💧💧 Lemon
💧💧💧 Sandalwood
💧💧💧 Orange
Tropical dreams 💧💧💧 Lavender
💧💧💧 Bergamot
💧 Sandalwood
💧 Lemon
Tropical Oasis 💧💧💧💧 Orange
💧💧💧 Grapefruit
💧💧 Sandalwood
💧 Ylang Ylang
Tropical Sunrise 💧💧💧 Cinnamon oil
💧💧💧 Orange oil
💧💧 Geranium  
Vacation in Paradise 💧💧💧 Sandalwood
💧💧 Bergamot

💧 Lemongrass
💧 Lavender 


PIC6 1Inspire summer feelings with the help of essential oils. Get the same benefits from your staycation as a normal vacation – a great mood and relaxation!

And the good news is that even during the colder winter months when we’re wishing it was summer again, we can crank up the heating, put the diffuser on and keep summer alive!


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