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Tips for Managing Teenage Skin

We all know that the teenage years can be really tough on the skin and ultimately confidence levels. Whilst obsessing over their skin in front of the mirror with mild hysteria may seem like just another teenage drama, think back to your teen years. We’ve all been there, or for those of us lucky enough […]


How to Treat and Prevent Chlorine Rash 

As we make the most of the end of the summer holidays and perhaps venture to the local outdoor swimming pool to catch some more rays before the warm weather retreats for another year or start to visit the indoor pools as the weather starts to cool, after rediscovering a love of swimming on the […]


Spotlight on Carrot Seed Oil

CARROT SEED OIL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Botanical Name:  Daucus carota subsp. sativus L. Family Name: Apiaceae  The use of carrot seed oil dates back to the Ancient Egyptian and Greek civilisations, and is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a bath or massage oil to address muscle pain, as well as being taken internally for the […]


QUICK READ: Sweet dreams with lettuce seed oil

Are the summer temperatures affecting the sleep quality of your little one?  The use of lettuce seed oil for sleep disorders is well documented, but are you aware that it’s highly suitable for children?   Sleep disorders are one of the most common complaints in childhood, and sleep is vital for the child’s mental and physical […]


Get the summer vibe!

As we enter the final month of the official summer period, some of us may find ourselves undertaking yet another staycation. It’s fair to say that the past two summers have pretty much been a wipeout thanks to Covid. We may have had big dreams for this summer which just haven’t come to fruition as […]


Overdone the sun? Natural help is at hand…

So summer finally arrived, you rushed to the beach, park, back garden or foreign destination but were unprepared for the intense UV rays and now find yourself with red, painful sunburn. Even when you take the appropriate action and apply sun protection regularly or even take steps to limit direct sun exposure and sit in […]


Chocolate – Good for the soul, and the skin!!

Did you know that it’s World Chocolate Day on 7th July? Yes, the “food of the Gods”, which is made from the dried, fermented seeds of the Cacao Tree (Theobroma cacao) actually has it’s own celebration day to commemorate its introduction to Europe in 1550. Now that’s a pretty good excuse to indulge! Not forgetting […]


Indulge your skin – 4 Summer DIY recipes

So summer is in full swing, the heat is up, and it’s time to treat ourselves to some pampering natural DIY home treatments. We may refer to summer as the lazy, hazy days, but in reality our body is working in overdrive to keep us cool and fully functioning, and none more so than the […]


Get the most out of Argan Oil This Summer

For centuries, argan oil has been treasured in its native Morocco for its ability to protect the hair and skin against the harsh and damaging desert environment, as well as its further beauty benefits. It’s no mistake that it’s also known there as “liquid gold”. With its immense revitalising capabilities for the hair and skin, […]

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