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Eczema – Oil Treatment

The name of this disease comes from the Greek word “eczeo”, which means “to boil,” and this explains the characteristic property of eczematous vesicles (blisters) to burst rapidly, like bubbles of boiling water. Eczema is a chronic, recurrent allergic skin disease. The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It protects the body […]


Natural post-epilation care products

A bit of history. For the first time, they wanted to have smooth skin long before our era. Both Cleopatra and Nefertiti sought to become even more attractive to their beloved and dreamed of getting rid of unwanted hair on the body. Moreover, the absence of hairs on the body was considered a symbol of […]

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Essential oils – protectors against germs and viruses

Essential oils are obtained by steam distillation from leaves, flowers, stems and other parts of plants. They have a very complex chemical composition. The main components make up 70% of the composition: these are terpenes, terpenoids and phenylpropanoids. The remaining 30% contains many other compounds such as fatty acids, oxides, sulfur derivatives, etc. Essential oils […]

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Living with psoriasis.

What is psoriasis? First you need to figure out what psoriasis is. Is it a skin disease? No. It is a chronic, non-infectious autoimmune disease that predominantly affects the skin. It is not contagious. This is a disease associated with a change in more than 50 genes, which entails shifts in the body’s processes and […]

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A beautiful complexion for a long time, and not for one evening

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, even complexion. Only it is not so easy to achieve! Foundation creams, correctors , concealers. Their main task is to mask skin problems and discolouration and neutralize the complexion. Mostly it is about hiding age spots, skin redness, acne or their visible effects from the eyes of others.The dyes […]

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Antifungal properties of some essential oils.

Fungal infections are very common. They are considered one of the most contagious diseases that are easily transmitted from person to person. They are caused by disease-causing fungi that live almost everywhere: in the air, in water, in soil, in plants, and even in the human body. Fungal diseases are dangerous for people of all […]


Beyond Skincare – 9 top oils with skin deep effects

Our skin – the most prominent part of the body, nothing out of the ordinary. We all want to make a good impression by our appearance, or look (more) beautiful. To this end, we use creams, lotions, make-up, assuming that’s the trick. Yet our skin is much more than just a shell or an exterior […]

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Irritation of the skin of the face. What to do?

Our skin has a protective barrier, consisting of dead cells and lipids that stick them together. It protects the epidermis from water loss, from bacteria and microbes, from toxins, from mechanical damage and free radicals. Healthy skin stays firm, elastic and youthful for longer. Skin sensitivity is caused by a breakdown of this protective layer, […]

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Blackheads on the skin of the face and how to deal with them

What are those notorious black dots? In fact, they are the pores that healthy skin cannot do without. Ideally the pores should be small and dispelling any excess sebum, as the pores clogged with dust particles and dead epithelium become an unpresentable sight. Normally, sebum is constantly released and washed off the face during cleansing. […]


Time heals the wounds, but the scars remain

There is such a well-known expression “the scars adorn a man”, from which a kind of pirate immediately arises before the eyes, on whose body there are many marks indicating his stormy life. But now not only women, but also many men prefer to have smooth, unscarred skin. Not everyone decides on the surgical methods […]

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