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Ease back into school or uni with therapeutic cold-pressed oils

As summer holidays start to draw to a close, it’s time to put our minds to the kids going back to school. A new term, perhaps a new school or going away to university. PIC1 1For some children the transition will be easy, for others it may bring stress, causing an upset stomach or disturbed sleep, especially after the impact of Covid-19 on their schooling, and long periods at home. Then there’s the fact that in school they may touch something and inadvertently introduce pathogens to the gut, causing an upset stomach.
 Off to university and first time independence, it’s an exciting time but perhaps they wont eat well or sleep enough as they adjust. 

With these issues in mind, here’s three “back to class” oils which will be indispensable to help your child ease into the normality of school or university with minimal disruption: 

 Black Seed Oil

Most importantly, given the disruptions to our everyday life and schooling, since the arrival of covid-19, black seed oil is a powerful immunomodulator and has been compared by scientists to the top five antibiotics in the world. It can reduce symptoms of upper respiratory infections, digestive tract disorders, reduce fatigue and brain fog, and improve memory and cognitive function. It’s also jam-packed with nutrients, which can help to support a sporadic diet or meal times. 

PIC2 1 Black seed oil is known to boost the survival and activity of key CD-8 T-cells, in the immune response to infection or cancer. One human study indicated that following black seed oil supplement there was an increase of 55% in the activity of T-helper cells, and an increase of 30% in natural killer cell function. The key to black seed oils ability to boost the immune system may be due to its antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties, and it is in this field which proves the overwhelming potential of black seed oil, confirming its ability to annihilate many of the multi-drug-resistant “superbugs”. 

The antibacterial, antiviral, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties, are the perfect tool to help fight the symptoms of respiratory infections such as the flu or a cold, which are always rampant in schools. Studies have confirmed that black seed oil can inhibit inflammation of the respiratory airways and sinuses, reduce nasal and chest congestion, and with its analgesic effect, reduce the associated pain such as headache, earache and neck pain.

Black seed oil is also rich in vitamins B6, B9 and B12, plus iron which are all vital in red blood cell formation, thus enabling oxygen to be circulated throughout the body and increasing energy levels, both mentally and physically. It can also help alleviate digestive tract problems, whether caused by stress or infection. 

PIC3 1 The active compound thymohydroquinone in black seed oil, supports higher levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter known to improve cognitive function and ensures that the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, an important compound for memory retention and overall brain function, remains active for longer. Anecdotal research has shown increased acetylcholine and GABA levels can inhibit “brain fog” in the average person, reduce incidental forgetfulness and support cognitive performance. Higher GABA levels have also been shown to have a calming effect and reduce symptoms of anxiety.The presence of omega-3 and omega-6 help to promote blood circulation to the brain and maximise brain function.

There have been many studies which confirm the effectiveness of black seed oil on memory and cognitive function. For instance, a 2014 study on adolescent males found that black seed oil improved cognition and mood, whilst decreasing anxiety levels. 

Walnut Oil

Everyone has heard of the wonderful health benefits of walnuts in particular regarding brain and heart health. But how can it help your child in particular? Walnut oil is extremely nutritious and improves brain health, cognition, memory and learning ability, in addition to strengthening bones, promoting sleep and fighting anxiety. Walnut oil is highly recommended for children and adolescents as it promotes mental, physical and sexual maturation and development.

PIC4 1Walnut oil nourishes the brain cells and improves the elasticity of capillaries within the brain, and has shown in studies to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress on the brain. It contains omega-3 and folate, plus vitamins b1 & b6 which are essential for development of a child’s brain tissue, stimulating brain cell activity as well as being a vital component of the cell wall, which is necessary for complete nerve signal transmission. Walnut oil improves brain power by enhancing memory and concentration, and improving the thinking function and learning ability. Several clinical and observational studies can testify to the positive effect of walnut on cognition, concentration and memory. 

Walnut oil is used in the treatment of digestive system, and studies have shown that walnut oil has a positive effect on gut microbiota and health-promoting bacteria, and promotes the increase of bacteria in the gut which produce butyrate, a fat which nourishes the gut and promotes better gut health. Overall good gut health promotes better health since it allows for optimum absorption of nutrients.

Walnut oil is a good source of tryptophan, an essential amino acid which reinforces the nervous system, helps to make serotonin and melatonin, regulates sleep, relieves fatigue, and reduces depression and anxiety. Studies have associated walnuts with lower depression symptoms and higher energy levels. That’s good news if your child is stressing about school. Walnut oil can also help to strengthen bones and protect against fractures.

Carrot Seed Oil

There’s probably not a child on earth who hasn’t been told by their mother to eat their carrots as it will help them see in the dark! True or false? Well there is some accuracy to this statement as, although they do not give superpowers to see clearly in the dark, they can enhance twilight vision and light perception. Carrots, and particularly carrot seed oil, have an array of health benefits, in particular relating to the eyes. PIC5 1 Carrot seed oil is able to restore and protect eye health, normalise intraocular pressure and improve the condition of the mucous membranes of the eyes. Carrot seed oil improves visual acuity and relieves eye fatigue, and can help the eyes adapt to various lighting, which is important for changes in lighting in the classroom, or if using a computer in school, for homework or during on-line lessons. 

If stress or a change to routine affects your child’s bowel movements, then carrot seed oil can help to resolve any digestive problems, particularly those related to bowel function. Physiological stress can also cause acute erosive or ulcerative lesion of the stomach and duodenum, and carrot seed oil can help to protect against and relieve ulcers.

Carrot seed oil is also believed to refresh the body by stimulating the brain and nerve function and helping to diminish anxiety, stress and fatigue.

 Prioritise your child’s health and schooling today with these three cold-pressed oils to keep them happy, healthy and focused.

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