Essential Oils For Hair Problems

The best essential oils for hair

Many of us love and cherish our hair. It is a key feature of a person’s identity and allows you to express yourself in different ways through color, length, and hairstyles. But with factors like the sun, heat styling products, hair dye, bad dieting, over washing and tight hairstyles, hair can become brittle and damaged.

Benefits of essential oils for hair

Essential oils are treasured all over the world for perfect hair care and hair protection. Using essential oils for hair has been proved to have many benefits for hair that is malnourished.

The incredible things essential oils can do for your hair are reducing hair loss, improving overall conditions, preventing dandruff, reducing split ends, increasing shine and softness and encouraging hair growth.

Essential oil Hair growth

Many people all over the world struggle with hair growth. Sometimes after a big haircut, hair grows back slowly. For some, hair can take years to grow to the desired length. Due to the perfect balance of minerals and vitamins which hair needs in order to grow, essential oils can speed up the process and encourage your hair grows to the desired length. Fenugreek oil contains a hormone called โ€˜antecedentsโ€™ which stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair follicles. Essential oils can also prevent baldness of the hair and you can use it as a natural, moisturizing conditioner.

Essential oil against Dandruff

Dandruff is something that most people have to deal with. Dandruff is the shredding of dead skin cells on the scalp. Some people have it worse than others, so it becomes visible or excessive. Lemongrass essential oil is the most effective for preventing and reducing dandruff. Using lemongrass regularly on the scalp will promote a healthy and flake free scalp. You can add lemongrass to shampoo or conditioner and massage thoroughly through the scalp for best results. Lemongrass can also strengthen hair follicles and relieve an itchy scalp.ย ย dandruff 1

Almond oil is great when it comes to looking after your hair as it contains precious minerals which help with the condition and health of the hair. Regular use of almond oil can treat symptoms from alopecia and reduce excessive hair loss. It can help form a protective barrier and prevent split ends.

Carrot seed oil contains many beneficial vitamins such as vitamins A and E which simulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Carrot seed oil can also hydrate the scalp, produce shine, stimulate circulation underneath the scalp, maintain curls and prevent split ends.

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