Essential Oil Advantages

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, the earliest known use of essential oils dates back to 2500 BC when they were used in ancient China.

Ancient Egyptancient Egyptian

Essential oils were vitally important in ancient Egypt used by Egyptian kings and also for the mummification process.

Cleopatra loved essential oils and used them regularly for her beauty and skin care routine.

The oils were used for spiritual enhancement, medical care and beauty benefits.

Around the world

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years all over the world. They have been used in; Greece, India, China, Rome and Europe.

In Greece, the essential oils were used in particular for massage and bathing.Around the world

In India they were particularly used for health and health benefits by Indian doctors. ย 

In China they were a very important component in Chinese medicine.

In Rome, the oils were used similarly to how they were used in Greece (for bathing and massage purposes) but they also used them for a nice scent on the hair and body.


In France, essential oils in specific plants were known to protect people working with flowers from diseases such as tuberculosis. They believed this as when the majority of the French people got sick, the workers did not.

Essential oils were also used in England and Germany for pharmaceutical uses in medicine to treat illnesses and still to this day they are prescribed by doctors for remedies to help with illnesses.

The Bible

There have even been references to essential oils in the bible.

What are essential oils?

what is essential Oil

Essential oils are natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odour of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.’

Essential oils are a natural way to cure and relieve symptoms of various illnesses, diseases and disorders.

There are many uses for essential oils; they are very well known and used all over the world.

Treatments and uses of essential oils

for skin


Essential oils are very good for relieving and treating eczema. The oils work by protecting and soothing irritation.

Oils used in particular for eczema is; Wheat germ oil, Sandalwood oil and Fenugreek oil.

Wrinkles, dark circles and aging

For wrinkles and dark circles grape seed oil is perfect. It can help tighten skin and prevent skin aging.

Carrot seed oil is also great for your skin as it improves elasticity and firmness of the skin.


A common problem that women have is cellulite. Both males and females can get it but the problem occurs more often in females. Cellulite occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissues beneath the skin.

Lemongrass oil is an affordable and natural way that can help with this problem and is often used in cellulite treatment.

Wheat germ oil can also be used as a cellulite treatment. You can use this oil as a massage oil to help tackle cellulite, as it targets deeper layers of the skin’s tissue.


Illnesses/diseasesfor diseases

Essential oils are the perfect natural way to help relieve symptoms of illnesses/diseases and even cure them. (Carrot seed oil)

The problems essential oils can help with are; kidney stones, intestinal ulcers, liver and gallbladder disorders, fungal infections, bronchitis, dry cough, throat irritations, sinus infections, laryngitis, asthma and inflamed joints.

Lemongrass oil is also known to help protect against cancer cells. It is significant when it comes to relieving pain and is very useful for its antiseptic properties, so therefore it is great for curing fungal infections and can even be used for deodorant.

‘Studies show that a particular essential oil may provide a solid defence against various cancers. Lemongrassย essential oil, which contains high levels of an aromatic terpene known as linalool, has been used traditionally in tropical countries in the treatment of various health conditions. Whatโ€™s even more exciting is that some of the latestย in vitroย andย in vivoย animal studies suggest that it could be at least as effective as chemotherapy in targeting cancer cells โ€“ without the harmful toxic effects of chemotherapy.’

Particular oils such as Walnut oil can improve brain health and simulation.

Also, essential oils like wheat germ oil can even raise good cholesterol levels and lower bad ones.

Carrot seed oil is great when it comes to your health. It can help treat and relieve many internal problems such as kidney stones; pain caused by menstruation, intestinal ulcers, liver and gallbladder disorders.


Essential oils are commonly used to help with anxiety disorders.

Walnut oil, Lettuce seed oil, Sandalwood oil and Lemongrass oil all have a calming, therapeutic effect which really helps when it comes to anxiety/panic attacks and even stress.

You can inhale the oils directly for an instant calming effect or rub a couple of drops onto your wrists, neck or ankles to help.

Beauty/hair carefor hair

Essential oils are excellent for keeping your hair and skin in perfect condition.

The benefits from using essential oils for beauty is; hair growth, hair loss prevention, nail growth, split end prevention, soft/clear skin, regeneration of skin cells, anti aging effects and improvements in skin pigmentation.

Almond oil is ideal oil when it comes to looking after your hair as it contains precious minerals that help with the condition and health of the hair.

This particular oil is also significant as it can be used in many ways. It can be added to shampoos, creams/lotions, deodorants and soaps as an effective cleanser to produce glowing and healthy skin.

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