Peach Oil

Botanical Name: Prunus Persica
Family: Rosaceae
Production Method: Steam Distillation
Parts Used: Peel
Ingredients: Pure Aroma Oil
Brand: Nefertiti for Natural Oils & Herbs
Country of Origin: Middle East
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Characteristics of Peach Oil 

Delightfully delicate and unique peach oil is one of the most famous and widespread bases in aromatherapy, it is actively used in the perfumery and cosmetic industry and has many therapeutic properties.

Peach Oil in Cosmetology

This is one of the lightest, yet ultra-effective oils for daily care; the use of peach oil is the key to the aesthetic appearance and health of the skin.
When applied to the skin, peach oil instantly leaves a feeling of velvety and tenderness. It spreads quickly and evenly and remains on the skin for a long time as a kind of softening trail, this gives the feeling of a protective soft film, but without visible external effects such as an oily sheen.
When applied to the skin, peach oil instantly softens, smoothes, gives a feeling of lightness, relieves inflammation and the feeling of tightness. Quickly and deeply penetrating cells, stimulating renewal and regeneration, it contributes to the qualitative establishment of the local metabolism, blood supply and respiration of cells and improves the characteristics of the skin.
Use a little peach oil in a composition of oils for the caring of the nails. It has a tonic effect and prevents fragility and stratification.
This is one of the best care products for the delicate skin around the eyes; it softens and nourishes the skin of the lips, makes eyelashes strong, full and elastic.

Benefits of Peach Oil

Peach oil has antiemetic, choleretic and diuretic effects. It is used in the treatment of colds and anemia. As this oil stimulates an increase in hemoglobin levels and its synthesis, its vitamin composition allows it to be used as a powerful antioxidant.

Peach Oil in Aromatherapy

This is the best remedy for stress and depression, this scent will quickly drive away sadness and unhappy thoughts. The scent of peach stimulates mental alertness. Peach aroma is an aphrodisiac, although it does not excite on its own like some oils do.

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