Amber Oil


Amber Oil

Botanical Name: Liquidambar styraciflua
Family: Styracaceae
Synonyms: Ambergris, كهرمان, amber, янтарный, бурштин, ambre, ambra, 琥珀色
Production method: hexan distillation
Parts used: Resin
Ingredients: Styrene, cinnamic acid, cinnamic acid ethyl ester, vanillin, cinnamein, styracin, storesinol

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Amber Oil

Amber oil is extracted in elaborate hexane distillation from the resin of Styrax trees, their home. Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Syria. Already in ancient Egypt his scent was called one of the “Divine”. Even Moses led it with his exodus from Egypt with him.


Amber Oil in Aromatherapy

The positive effect of Amber on the psyche helps when using an aroma lamp or a diffuser. Inhaling the fragrance of Amber relieves the letting go and helps with stress management. This property is also used to make incense.


 Amber Oil in Naturopathy

Amber oil (Styrax oil) suitable for treatment of respiratory problems (add a few drops mixed with honey in a cup of tea / 5 drops on a teaspoon), against depression, aggressiveness. Amber oil has a relaxing, expectorant and germ-killing effect.

In sleep disorder, a few drops on a scent stone will ensure a deep, well-balanced sleep. Amber strengthens the ability to dream.


Amber Oil for Skin Care

Amber oil is considered a skin-friendly oil but should be mixed with a carrier oil before use. It helps the skin to regenerate.


Amber Oil for perfumery

Even at low doses, it unfolds its special secretive fragrance. It’s aphrodisiac effect suggests warmth and security. A fragrance blend with fresh citrus scent evolves into a perfect perfume.

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