Amber Oil


Brand: Nefertiti for natural oils and herbs
Country of Origin: Egypt
Botanical name: Liquidambar styraciflua
Family: Styracaceae
INCI: Liquidambar Styraciflua Pure Aroma Oil
Components Used: Resin
Extraction method: Hexan distillation
Scent: Resinous, warm and smoky
Appearance: Deep gold
Physical state: Liquid
Natural: Yes
Purity: 100% Pure
Certificates: ISO & MSDS
Composition: Pure aroma oil
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Greek mythology tells the tale of seven sisters who turned into weeping willows after the death of their brother Phaeton when he crashed the chariot belonging to his  father Helios, the sun god. Ever since, the sisters shed their eternal tears, which turn into drops of amber as soon as they touch the earth.

Amber Oil Origin & Characteristics

However in reality, amber is a fossil resin from the pine tree Pinus Succinifera. The secreted resin, which petrifies over time, is called amber. The main source of amber is the Baltic Sea region. Traditionally, amber was popular in many cultures because of its golden colour, it is soft and therefore easy to reprocess into beads, pendants or figurines. It is also known to have been used as a means of payment in ancient times. The shades of amber can range from golden brown to orange, yellow, red, green and even white.

Amber oil is extracted from the fossil resin by hexane distillation. In a nutshell, this extraction process involves treating the raw material with a solvent after which the oil is recovered by evaporation and condensation. This provides the deep gold-coloured amber oil with its sweet, sometimes slightly woody scent and a citrus-like undertone.

Amber oil is similar in composition and properties to other essential oils obtained from coniferous trees, mainly containing organic compounds that are naturally present in fossil resin. The constituents of amber oil include dozens of different terpenes, terpene derivatives and other hydrocarbon compounds, such as caparratriene, derivatives of azulene, aromadendrene, longipinene, borneol, camphor, isolongifolol, thunbergol and fenchol. Some of those volatile compounds are responsible for the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of amber oil. 

Since the concentration of compounds in amber oil is considerable, and they have a high degree of biological activity, it is strongly discouraged to apply amber oil directly to the skin unless diluted, and should not be taken orally.

Amber Oil & Benefits

Like some other essential oils obtained from resin, amber oil has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. The healing properties of amber oil make it an ideal product for those dealing with poor circulation, colds and flu, inflammatory conditions, low sex drive, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, fatigue, cognitive slowness, neurodegenerative diseases, arthritis and various cardiovascular disorders.

Amber essential oil has quite some impressive benefits. To name a few, it can help calm the mind, protect heart health, stimulate libido, eliminate pain, treat respiratory disorders, prevent inflammation, stimulate the brain, and detoxify the body. Amber oil has a restorative effect on the body as a whole, it can even be used as part of the treatment and prevention of joint diseases like arthritis and other rheumatic disorders.

Amber Oil for Skin Care
Amber oil promotes healing of minor skin lesions such as cuts, scrapes, scars, stretch marks, burns and acne. The active ingredients make amber oil suitable for oily and problematic skin types, reduce the frequency and severity of acne and treat the scars. As amber oil accelerates skin regeneration, it can also be used to counteract the effects of ageing by restoring mature skin and enhancing skin firmness and elasticity.

Amber Oil to Reduce Pain & Inflammation
Few oils are as effective as amber oil when it comes to pain, inflammation and spasms in the body. Traditionally it has been used as a topical agent to soothe sore muscles, eliminate pain, and calm spasms in the muscles. Evidence argues that inhaling amber oil helps to relieve inflammation in the bronchi, eliminate respiratory infections, soothe the throat and respiratory tracts, and suppress production of mucus and phlegm. This can also positively influence the gastrointestinal tract.

Amber Oil & Aromatherapy

The oriental spicy scent of Amber oil may be less known among its peers, although its sweet, resinous, intimately warm aroma makes it a favourite ingredient in the perfume industry. Amber is typically suited as a base note in perfumes, for its rich, full-bodied and long-lasting fragrance. The notes in this fragrance can best be described as balsamic, vanilla-like, musky and warm spicy.

The cheerful scent of amber oil has a psychological soothing effect on the mind and helps to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. Even for spiritual purposes, it is believed to deepen meditations, enlighten the mind and promote inner vision. Amber essential oil is well known in aromatherapy for its calming properties to relieve stress, anxiety and tension. It fulfils a supporting role to soothe cramps, catarrh, pain, asthmatic complaints, infections. Amber oil is also used as an additive in aphrodisiac massage / skin oils.

Amber Oil Lowers Stress & Anxiety
For many amber oil is the preferred essential oil to reduce stress and anxiety. The proven link between the limbic system and our sense of smell is why inhaling amber oil, adding a few drops into bath water, or mixing it with a carrier oil for a soothing massage can be a great way to calm both your mind and body. Its soothing effect ensures a good night’s sleep and a refreshed feeling the next morning.
To dissipate nervous tension, it is sufficient to evaporate 2-3 drops in an aroma lamp, you may choose to mix it with a drop of grapefruit oil for enhanced effect.

Amber Oil Improves Cognition
There are certain antioxidant compounds found in amber essential oil that can prevent oxidative stress and improve cognition. Not only does this oil lower levels of stress hormones in the body, which can clear the mind and improve concentration, but it can also prevent long-term degenerative diseases.

Amber Oil for Massage
Mixing amber oil with a carrier oil such as almond, grape seed or jojoba oil can lead to the preferred results, whether for an invigorating massage with relaxing or strengthening effects, or treating cellulite at the same time. Massage with an amber oil blend has a warming effect on the skin and a restorative effect on the body. Amber oil is also suitable for supporting the treatment and prevention of joint diseases such as arthritis and other rheumatic diseases.

Amber Oil Improves Circulation
Despite its relaxing effects, amber oil has stimulating properties that increase blood flow. Oxygen supply throughout the body will improve resulting in higher energy levels and better organ function! Amber oil is ideally suited to promote blood flow in the limbs and improve circulation, simply by rubbing the diluted amber oil on the skin. 

Amber Oil Increases Libido
Traditionally, amber essential oil has been known as an aphrodisiac and is used to stimulate the male sex drive. Vaporizing this seductive aroma by means of an aroma lamp or diffuser, can stimulate the release of hormones leading to better sex drive, fertility and overall reproductive function.
For a sensual massage, mix 3 drops of amber oil  with a drop of magnolia, 3 drops of bergamot and about 50ml of jojoba oil. Enjoy!

Safe Use of Amber Oil

It is strongly recommended applying amber oil on the skin only in a diluted form. This oil is not meant for consumption and contact with the eyes should be avoided. Inhaling evaporated amber oil through a vaporizer, fragrance diffuser or on a tissue does not pose any risk.

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