Shea Butter


Suitable for all skin types.  Absorbs deeply into the skin to nourish and stimulate cellular activity. Repairs damaged and dry skin. Protects against wrinkles and stretchmarks. Relieves inflammatory joint diseases. Combats dry, brittle and lifeless hair, and repairs split ends.

Botanical Name: Vitellaria paradoxa
Family: Sapotaceae
Parts used: cores
Natural: Yes
Purity: 100% pure
ISO certified: ISO, COA & MSDS
Ingredients: triterpenes, triterpene alcohols, stearic acid, allantoin
Linolenic acid, vitamin E, palmetic acid, beta-carotene
Country of Origin: Egypt
Brand: Nefertiti for natural oils & herbs

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Shea butter is obtained from the kernels of the shea fruits. Shea fruits are the berries of the Karite tree, the kernels of which are known as Karite nuts. The huge trees grow in Africa, south of the Sahara. There they are considered sacred and may not be injured or felled. The shea butter made from the kernels contains a large part of fatty and oleic acids, as well as vitamin E. This makes it a popular skin care product, as it provides the skin with moisture and a protective layer. Since shea butter penetrates deep into the skin, its active ingredients can unfold there. They protect the skin from drying out and wrinkling over the long term. In addition, the pain relievers in shea butter are useful in treating pain of inflammatory joint diseases.

Composition of shea butter

The unsaponifiable proportions, i.e. the parts that cannot be rinsed off by normal skin or hair washing, are around 11%. The component allantoin plays an important role as it has anti-inflammatory properties and thus contributes to rapid wound healing. Thus, the components of the shea butter also help to heal eczema and neurodermatitis.

The composition includes triterpenes and triterpene alcohols:

Stearic acid                         Allantoin

Linoleum                             Vitamin E

Palmitic acid                       Beta-Carotin

Shea butter for skin care

With its nourishing and protective ingredients, shea butter helps to make stressed skin soft and supple again. Shea butter is suitable as a skin care product for the treatment of scars, eczema, neurodermatitis and burns, for the care of cracked, dry skin, for soothing itchy, flaky skin and rashes, and for care after sunbathing. Regular use of shea butter prevents stretch marks and wrinkles from forming.

Shea butter for the treatment of rheumatic pain

Shea butter has a very low melting point and turns into oil when it comes into contact with body temperature. Therefore it is very suitable to be used with a light massage for inflammatory rheumatism. Its pain relieving properties help relieve rheumatic pain.

Shea butter for hair care

Shea butter has proven to be a suitable product for combating dry hair and split ends. Shea butter helps brittle and lifeless hair with its ingredients to make it healthy again. In addition, shea butter provides protection against harmful environmental influences. It is best to use shea butter overnight. To do this, massage in some shea butter from the hairline to the tips, wrap the hair in a towel for half an hour and protect the pillow with a towel before going to bed. Wash out again the next morning with your hair wash. After that, the hair feels supple again.

The application of shea butter

Before using it on skin and hair, you should put some shea butter in your hands, where it melts quickly due to the body temperature and can be spread more easily on skin and hair.

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