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Marmaraya (Bedouin Tea)


The unique exclusively desert grown herb, since ancient times used in treatment of various diseases. Helpful in colds and viral diseases, digestive disorders, obesity and weight control dietary programs.

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What is Marmaraya?

Marmaraya plant naturally grows in the Sinai desert, in the area of Moses and Saint Katherine mountains. Has a short season of growing. Usually appear after the heavy raining, during late winter period of January – March, every year. The leaves are collected and dried up to keep this natural medicine remedy for long term.

Health benefits

Marmaraya is often used to treat viral and cold diseases, reduces symptoms of those diseases. Relieves cough and improves easier breathing. Some studies had shown that regular consumption of marmaraya tea lowers blood sugar level and improves blood circulation in capillaries.

Digestive and weight loss

Marmaraya improves digestive system activity and increases the function of the liver. Used in some dietary programs, because of her specific attribute to maintain the urine system, and weight control.

Other uses

Regular consumption of marmaraya tea could stop diarrhea and treat other stomach related disease. Increases mental function and improves memory. Marmaraya often used to cure sore throats and could be also used for mouth rinse.

How to prepare marmaraya drink

I table spoon of dried marmaraya leaves boil with 200ml water.

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