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Health Care Set

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  • Black Seed Oil           300ml
  • Pumpkin Oil              300ml
  • Ruccola Seed Oil       125ml  (FREE)




Health Care Set

Black seed oil (300 ml) 

Black seed oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. It is highly recommended for the treatment of diseases and has no side effects on the human body. It is also used for the prevention and treatment of tumor, as it increases immunity and brakes proliferation of the cancer cells.

Natural Black seed oil is used in complex treatment of various diseases and it also improves digestion. it is one of the most effective immune system boosters available.


Pumpkin Oil (300 ml) 

Pumpkin seed oil is perfect when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It promotes urinary health and heart health. Also, because it is full of vitamins and anti-inflammatory agencies, it helps with flatulence and constipation and is often used in a complex treatment for many diseases and problems such as colitis, enterocolitis, gastroduodenitis cirrhosis, fatty degeneration, alcoholic liver disease, hepatitis, obesity, and heartburn.


Rucola Seed Oil (125ml)

Pure Arugula seed oil is very rich with iron and increases the level of haemoglobin in the blood; it also promotes the absorption of calcium. Rucola contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps with the absorption of iron, and is also used in the prevention and treatment of anaemia.


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