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Natural oils for high blood pressure

Natural oils for high blood pressure

People who suffer from high blood pressure, in the long run, a major health risk. Blood vessels and the heart are, particularly at risk. The name hypertension for high blood pressure can be derived from the Latin and means (too strong tension). One of the causes of high blood pressure is permanent mental pressure, which […]

5 Essential Oil Pairs for Gut Health 1

TOP natural oils & herbs, which you should definitely have at home

To cover the daily needs of nutrients and vitamins, it is advisable to have some supply of natural oils, as well as natural herbs in the house. With a cup of tea in the morning, you can start the healthy day. Hibiscus tea (Karkade tea) has a high content of vitamin C and is often […]

Essential oils to lose weight

Essential oils to lose weight! How it works?

Essential oils help to reduce unnecessary body weight in various ways: through the fragrance of the essential oils, while using an aroma lamp or through the therapeutic use in different kinds of massage. Essential oils have a detoxifying effect on the body and especially on the circulation, digestion and hormone balance. Thus, they ensure the […]

square essential oil necklace 1

Trend of 2019: Essential Oils Accessories

The popularity of essential oils has increased with the knowing about their positive active ingredients. This has inspired some inventors to develop unique uses for essential oils in daily use. Depending on your own needs and you can now purchase different diffuser. We, Nefertiti, offer a variety of essential oils to all these diffusers. Essential […]

Nefertiti Natural Oils for hair 1

Essential Oils For Hair Problems

The best essential oils for hair Many of us love and cherish our hair. It is a key feature of a person’s identity and allows you to express yourself in different ways through color, length, and hairstyles. But with factors like the sun, heat styling products, hair dye, bad dieting, over washing and tight hairstyles, […]

essential oil advatage

Essential Oil Advantages

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, the earliest known use of essential oils dates back to 2500 BC when they were used in ancient China. Ancient Egypt Essential oils were vitally important in ancient Egypt used by Egyptian kings and also for the mummification process. Cleopatra loved essential oils and used them […]

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