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Massage with essential oils. What you should know about

Exhausted? A massage is appropriate!

Why we usually choose a massage has one reason: tensions that are associated with unpleasant pain.

Most people do not know that tension pain not only comes from excessive physical exertion but has many psychological causes.

Our daily stressful, fast-paced life promotes some aches and pains.

There are different types of massages, which cause relaxing, circulation-promoting, metabolism-stimulating, detoxifying and pain-relieving effects.

Here, however, massage not only helps as a pure application of manual therapy, but also the mental “tension” should be solved at the same time, in order to offer the body the opportunity to successfully treat a “tension” by means of an aromatherapy massage.

The essential massage for Pain:

For this we should know that our body reacts not only to the senses: to feel, to hear, to see, to taste, to taste, but also to smell.

For all massages, the use of essential oils, which mixed with a carrier oil, result in individually applicable massage oil.

What are carrier oils? These are skin-caring oils that make it possible to use the healing properties of essential oils, which should not be used neatly, in a mixture.

What is an essential oil massage?

The ingredients of the essential oils are absorbed during manual therapy by the skin, our largest organ and our sensory organs. The scent of the oils acts directly on our nervous system in the brain and provides targeted relaxation.

Benefits essential oil and massage.

We realize: Using Essential oils are an important part of a massage.

Here I would like to list a few types of techniques essential oil massage therapy:

The most well-known, oldest, is the whole body massage

Essential oils for full body massage

In China, India and Egypt, since antiquity, the relaxing and healing effects of a full body massage have been known. Here the masseur or masseuse warms the massage oil and distributes it on the back first. The massage strokes used here include stroking, tapping, pressing, vibrating and rubbing. Meanwhile, the techniques are always expanding.

Which essential oils for Massage?

Essential oils for classic massage:

Which oil is suitable for muscle tension, the experienced therapist will know. Here we give with eucalyptus oil with its anti-inflammatory and lavender oil with its analgesic, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect, only two examples of a variety of essential oils to the mixture of massage oil.

Essential oils for wellness massage:

What is a wellness massage? This type of massage is no modern invention. Already in the ancient Egypt, ethereal oils and herbs are used to alleviate the tension of the muscles with warriors by means of a massage. The wellness massage serves to harmonize body and mind. Skin and muscles are stimulated by a special technique, the blood circulation. Here, too, aromatherapy massage uses essential oils.

Essential oils for Ayurveda massage:

The Ayurveda application is a derivative of the ancient Indian medicine to accept nutritional science and for meditation also the application with heated oils is used. This application is intended to rid the body of slags. This therapy works as essential oil detox massage. For this purpose, a massage with sesame oil which is heated slowly is performed. (See also how do I heat massage oils?) The Ayurveda massage has a calming effect on body and soul.

 Essential oils massage for headache:

One would think that the head massage only serves to relax the head and neck area, in fact, the effect extends to the whole body. With the use of essential oils in the massage oil mixture, the head massage stimulates blood circulation of the scalp helps against headache and with the associated stimulation we can use essential oil scalp massage for hair growth. The entire stress level is lowered.

Ever heard of Pantai Luar massage? For this type, the therapist uses a blend essential oil massage recipe.

Essential oils for Pantai Luar massage

This Indonesian massage technique (the name means on new shores) ensures that we feel like a newborn after the therapy. First, the body is rubbed with essential oil before hot linen cloth stamps, which receive a herbal mixture, are pulled over the body with rapid movements. This cleanses the skin and stimulates cell renewal. The subsequent skin tightening is a welcome anti-ageing effect. This treatment should only be done by professionals!

Essential oils for sports

Muscle relaxation after exercise is important. Here, a targeted massage helps, but only after the usual cool down done and should be combined with baths spa or sauna sessions. For baths, sauna sessions and massages, essential oils are used for relaxation.

Essential oils for aroma massage:

The healing properties of scents of the essential oils and the soothing massage result in the interplay that we feel after the application as born again.

The essential oils act on the nerve center in the brain and lavender oil, lemon oil, orange oil or bergamot oil help to reduce stress.

These are examples for the professional use of essential oils. However, every morning we can invigorate our bodies and senses with a massage during a shower-bath.

Nefertiti Oils & Herbs offers a superb range of essential oils to enrich existing shower products or to make them by our self.

Get rid of cellulite? This is where an anti-cellulite massage helps!

Buy a massage brush and massage the problem areas during showering, as well as after showering by using the brush and massaging with massage oil in circular movements in the still moist skin. Excellent are our Nefertiti Grapefruit oil (stimulating decongestant effect), Nefertiti Rosemary oil (circulation-promoting) and Nefertiti geranium oil (skin-care, circulation-promoting) for the enrichment of carrier oils. Coconut oil as well as almond oil is suitable as carrier oil with its extremely skin care properties. A massage with coconut oil or almond oil is not only suitable for treating problem areas, but also cares for the skin holistically.

Essential Oil Massage Pregnancy:

Pregnant and afraid of stretch marks? Regularly performing a massage with nourishing argan oil, enriched with lavender essential oil, helps to avoid stretch marks on the skin.

Nefertiti oils and herbs based in Egypt, offers everything you need for your well-being with its range of natural oils, essential oils, perfumes, soaps herbs and teas. Nefertiti harvests the plants for its end products from its own cultivation in the Egyptian oasis Fayum. All products are produced without chemical treatment and thus Nefertiti provides you with a 100% natural product.

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