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Natural oils are ideal for skin and hair care.

Different types of natural oils (types of natural oils)

In the world, we have only 2 types: dry and non-dry oils. This difference is in a different proportion of unsaturated fatty acids.

Benefits of natural oils

Dry oils contain more than 50% of unsaturated fatty acids, which makes them have the ability for fast absorption into the skin. The non-dry oils with less than 20% of unsaturated fatty acids are particularly suitable for the care of dry skin, as they can make a protective film on it.

Natural oils for skin care (Natural oils for skin)

In winter as well as in summer, the skin needs special attention. The cold in winter, as well as increased UV radiation in summer, strain the skin.

Argan oil is often used for dry skin, for normal skin, the best solution is almond oil.

Jojoba and grapeseed oil will help people with oily skin.

Natural oils for hair care (Natural oils for hair)

While using too much chemical products, our hair can suffer and break or split. That’s why the regular use of natural oils helps to provide the necessary nutrients and protective substances to the hair. For this, you can use coconut oil, almond oil and jojoba oil, which also provides fast hair growth.

Natural oils from Egypt

Egypt has a special climate, which allows the repeated harvesting of the required plants for the extraction of natural oils. Therefore, natural oils from Egypt are known for their good quality and good prices.

Nefertiti natural Oils

Nefertiti has its own growing area in the oasis Fayoum. There the plants are grown and processed into high-quality, cold-pressed natural oils. Nefertiti controls the cultivation, extraction, bottling and sale in their own shops and online. So you have the guarantee to buy the high quality and low-priced products at the same time.