Queen Nefertiti Oil


Women’s fragrance

Fragrance: Flowery-fruity.
For the elegant, romantic, seductive woman. With this flowery fruity scent, every woman magically attracts the male world. It’s an intense, distinctive feminine fragrance. Queen Nefertiti can be every woman’s perfect perfume for any date. The sensual scent of Queen Nefertiti emphasises self-confidence and at the same time magically attracts.
Top note: Bergamot, grapefruit, cassia, tangerine, orange, blackcurrant
Heart note: Apricot, jasmine, lily, lily of the valley, rose
Base note: Amber, musk, tonka bean, vanilla, cedar

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Application & Effect

Top note
On application of Queen Nefertiti, the top note unfolds first, releasing a fruity berry fragrance. The intense, berry-like and slightly sour note, as well as the slight scent of cinnamon which can be perceived, develop from the currant. With the scent of orange and the influence of bergamot, Queen Nefertiti gives a touch of summer freshness, similar to a fruit cocktail. All in all, a refreshing scent develops in the top note.

Heart note
After about 15 minutes, the heart note develops as the life-affirming scent of jasmine. The scent of rose and lily of the valley give the feminine note to Queen Nefertiti. The heart note develops as a slightly sweet note.

Base note
After about 4 hours, the base note is completely perceptible. It grows into a warm, almond-like fragrance, which is caused by the tonka bean combined with vanilla. The intensity is being underlined by the musk fragrance. This fragrance lasts for hours before fading away very slowly.

The interplay of this unique blend of different fragrances makes Queen Nefertiti part of the sophisticated woman who loves an intense, floral-fruity fragrance. Queen Nefertiti underscores the life-affirming feminine beauty.

Application of Nefertiti Aroma Blends

Perfume production with Aroma oil blends

Our Nefertiti Aroma blends provide the best base for producing your own tailor made perfume.

Mix the Nefertiti Aroma Oil of your choice with 96% alcohol in a 1:1 ratio to create your favourite perfume.

When using your favourite fragrance in its pure form, only apply it in small amounts. Just a small drop is sufficient to be applied topically with a finger, for example rubbed behind the ear.

Never apply undiluted Aroma Blends to clothing as the pure oil may stain!

Other applications

Aromatherapy with Aroma Blend: Add a few drops of the Aroma Blend to a diffuser.

Room refreshment with Aroma Blend: Mix 1:2 Aroma Oil Blend (1) with distilled water (2).

Bath additive with Aroma Blend: Envelop yourself completely with your favourite scent! Add a few drops of the Aroma Blend of your choice to your bath water. 

Did you know?

Egypt is the main supplier of aroma oils for all the famous perfume brands worldwide.

Nefertiti Aroma Blends are extracted from the essences of flowers and herbs that grow under the influence of the Egyptian sun in our agricultural area in Fayum. These aroma oils are obtained by cold pressing or by distilling the harvest in our own factory in Fayum, Egypt, and bottled there. Our agricultural products are therefore 100% of the highest quality and form the healthy basis for an excellent end product. Nefertiti Aroma Blends are suitable for use in aromatherapy and for making fine perfumes.

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