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Lemon oil is well known as toxins cleanser from any part of human body. Widely used in all fields of aroma therapy. Stimulates lymph drainage, rejuvenates and improves energy, quits thirst, purifies oily skin and act as an insect repellant.


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Lemon aroma oil Benefits

The studies had proved lemon oil as the most powerful anti-microbial agent. Widely used in a complex treatment as oral disinfectant and remedy for halitosis (bad breath). Usual breathing of lemon oil, whatever you use-aroma lamp, hot water, hot inhalator, improves the digestion. Lemon oil is an active and effective thirst quencher.

Aroma oil therapy

The most common way of aromatherapy is using aroma oil in aroma lamp, bath, sauna, and inhalator. Only few drops of essential aroma oil are added the selected facility or water, under the influence of a candle flame, steam, or electric heating, the molecules of aromatic oil spreads into the air, fill the room and works on all human organs. Using lemon essential oils during aromatherapy sessions, improves neurological activity, which activates digestion and promotes weight loss.

Lemon oil Skin care

Lemon oil is a perfect remedy for oily and problematic skin. Widely used in many kinds of cosmetic products for oily skin care. Has an excellent cleansing and purification effect. Few drops of lemon oil, added to water, could be found as a perfect face washer and oily skin tonic.

Other uses for Lemon oil

Lemon oil diluted with water could be used as teeth whitener. Recommended as a natural laundry freshener. Widely used in many kinds of cellulite treatment oil blends and creams.

Massage oil

Essential lemon oil used in medical and toning massage oil blends.


Essential oils are not recommended to use during pregnancy.

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