Musk Oil


Unisex fragrance: Earthy, woody, animalistic, warm and sweet.

Intoxicating Black Musk works as a natural pheromone and aphrodisiac. It helps to create that special “chemistry”, to emit and acquire desirability and sensuality. Black Musk increases libido, uplifts the mood, and enhances energy.


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What is Black Musk?

The aroma of a person at an unconscious level determines their status and position in society. Your clothes will say a lot about you, but will not reveal the most important thing. Only by focusing on your scent, the interlocutor understands whether you are attracted to him or not. This is how pheromones work – natural oils of animal or vegetable origin. Musks are among these amazing substances. The scent of musk resembles that of testosterone produced in the body of both men and women, and can act as a human pheromone. Elite pheromones are what create “chemistry” between a man and a woman, and improves communication skills in communication between people.

The origin and history of musk

In China and India, and later in the countries of the Arab East, musk was highly valued as an aphrodisiac for to reducing theincrease function of the nervous, cardiac and reproductive systems. It was added to medicines for anaemia, fainting, restless sleep, hysteria, and seizures. All medical authorities considered musk to be the most powerful aphrodisiacs capable of enhancing libido. In the East they knew that the smell can penetrate any closed doors. This made the smell a symbol of overcoming the most difficult obstacles and adversities. Therefore, fragrances are always involved in rituals of birth, death, initiation into warriors and wedding ceremonies.

Musk is a substance produced by some animals and plants. Animals use it to mark their territory and attract individuals of the opposite sex. The history of the use of musk is far from humane. The main source of this substance was the glands of the male musk deer, the distribution area of ​​which is the territories of China, Tibet, Pakistan, India, Mongolia and Siberia. The musk produced by its sex glands initially has a red hue, but after hardening it darkens, hence the name – black musk. In order to getobtain only 1 kg of this ingredient, the hunters needed to kill more than 40 individual deer. This led to a sharp decrease in the number of deer and without intervention could have led to the extinctinction of the entire breed. Therefore, hunting for this species of deer was banned in 1979. Since this fragrance was already a huge success, naturalistic chemists learned how to extract vegetable musk, the aroma of which is almost indistinguishable from the animal version,  retaining all the warmth and sensuality. Musk of animal origin is an incredibly expensive product and all perfumers have switched to musk of vegetable or synthetic origin, and moreover, this is a more humane way of obtaining it.

Black musk scent

High-quality black musk has a rich black colour with a slight brownish-green tint. The consistency is a homogeneous liquid, without foreign inclusions and sediment.

Black musk is a masculineunisex scent. It is a natural oil, an absolute, free from alcohol, dyes and fragrances. It works as a natural pheromone, uplifting the mood, and enhancing energy and attractiveness. It can be used by applying it to the wrist, the bend of the elbow, and on the neck area – the pulse points. In its pure form, musk has a pungent rich smell with obvious animal notes, therefore, literally a drop of this magical remedy is added to the perfume. But this drop is critical! Thanks to black musk, the fragrance becomes sensual, and a special appeal and persistence appears in it. In addition, musk is a very strong fixative for perfume compositions.

Black musk and religious practices

Black musk is an integral part of Islam. When it first came to Arabia, it was originally used to exorcise evil spirits. It is believed that the righteous in Paradise breathe in the scent of black musk. Perfumery and religion were inseparable. During the construction of some mosques, musk was specially added to the lime mortar so that when heated by the sun, the walls exude a sweet intoxicating aroma. In modern Islam, mosques use this unique aroma during prayer.

Use black musk to enhance your sexuality, and increase your desirability to the opposite sex with exclusive perfumes created especially for you!


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